Our Yoga Teachers

Tye – Talalla Yoga Manager and Resident Facilitator 

Tye is a curious student of life. Always eager to learn and understand beyond the curtain of physical experience. Through this curiosity and devotion to yoga, Tye has had the great fortune to learn from many incredible teachers and gurus allowing her to hone her craft and deepen her respect, interest and experience of yoga and energetic healing.

Tye is a certified E-RYT 500hr Yoga Teacher and Trainer with a deep love for traditional and modern experimental forms of yoga. Captivated by Eastern philosophy and the intelligence of energetics, Tye is a skilled practitioner with qualifications as a Certified Reiki Master; Energetic Healer / Educator and Massage Therapist.

Tye’s asana yoga classes incorporate a free flowing vinyasa inspired by the pulsation of breath and embodied mudras.

Tye is a warm and generous practitioner who loves to share her extensive knowledge of yoga, yin, meditation, pranayama and self healing modalities with others.

Rhian – Talalla Yoga Manager and Resident Facilitator 

An established and passionate RYT 200 Yoga Facilitator, Rhian finds inspiration through those who she shares the practice with.

Australian born and based in Sri Lanka for the past 4.5 years, she offers a deeply embodied yoga experience for students to gain benefit from both on and off the mat. 

Incorporating traditional Indian practices with western influence, she continues to share and develop creative styles of Vinyasa, Hatha, Energy Flow, Yin and Restorative, to help present the balance and unity of mind, body and soul awareness. 

Through her lighthearted approach to teaching, Rhian’s softness and attention to alignment allows her students the chance to explore their own self-practice with an open mind and sense of curiosity, in order to develop and connect to their inner most confident self.

When Rhian’s not teaching, you will find her creating extensive spreadsheets and yoga playlists for all to enjoy.

Skaya – Resident Yoga Facilitator 

Skaya is a 500 hour certified Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Asana teacher. Her journey to a spiritual practice started in sport science and health, naturally merging her love of the human form, dance and wellness she began exploring yoga. After 6 years of teaching she decided to deepen her knowledge and journeyed to the birth place of yoga, India. 

As an established teacher she found herself developing new practices, and identifying areas within her teaching style that could be expanded on. Tying together traditional Indian practices with her extensive knowledge of western movement based flow she provides a deeply relaxing asana experience. 

Her gentle nature and attention to detail allows all levels of students the chance to confidently explore their asana, pranayama and meditation practice with ease. Her passion for alignment, a moving meditation, and pranayama developed a style of flow that leaves one feeling supported, spacious and light. 

Skaya will be facilitating at Talalla Yoga on our next 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training from June 1st – 27th, 2023

Fish – Resident Yoga Facilitator 

James Gill (aka ‘Fish’) is a heart coach, yoga teacher and transformational facilitator based in Australia and working internationally.

Fish completed his 350-hour yoga teacher training through Tamara Yoga in Perth (the ISHTA tradition) in 2017 and has since run classes, workshops and retreats in studios in Western Australia, Tasmania, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Fish’s warm, compassionate facilitation style draws on his experiences as an educator, relationship communication coach, actor and loving, fallible father of two young adults.

We’re thrilled to invite Fish to facilitate on on our next 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training from June 1st – 27th, 2023

Portia – Resident Yoga Facilitator 

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Portia’s yoga journey began in 2008, with her first meeting on the mat awakening something that had always been a part of her– a deep connection to the divine, which is something that we all share. Since becoming a teacher in 2016, it has become her mission to help people from all walks of life connect with their inner teacher, truth and wisdom.

With a practice that draws equally from each of the eight limbs, Portia encourages her students to draw upon the power of breath, meditation, mantra, and movement to form a holistic, heart-centered relationship with Yoga, and to discover union with the self.

Over the years Yoga has taken her around the world where she has taught Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga on retreats and at studios, as well as on 200 HR YTTs alongside her teacher, Tanya Popovich. Yogic philosophy and Advaita Vedanta have been a major focus in her studies and she seeks to impart these beautiful concepts to others. She is a 500 HR certified teacher through Shri Gaia Institute.