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Tye – Senior Yoga Teacher and Manager

Since a young age Tye has been fascinated by physical movement, meditations and the universal power of kindness. Coming from an entertainment and fitness background Tye would rely on yoga asana and meditation for rehabilitation and flexibility not completely understanding the true power of yogic living.

This all change in 2013 while traveling through India when she participated in a specific yoga class that invoked and experience she had never felt before. From this moment Tye has dedicated herself to understand all she can about yogic living, and energetic healing on a personal level and also to share the phenomenon with others.

Tye is a 500RYT / 200E-RYT Yoga instructor, Massage therapist and Energetic healer and teacher.

Through dedication of study , Self practice, and countless moments on the mat she loves nothing more than to share love, creativity and self connection through yoga. Tye is a true believer of kindness and creative understanding. Anything can be achieved through an open mind.

When she isn’t in the Yoga Shala you can find her at the beach surfing or working hard on her puns and dad jokes.

Alexis – Teaching from October 2018

As a Washington, D.C. native, Alexis was born in the belly of the beast some would say.  She grew up as an against-the-grain, free-flowing and curious thinker who conformed to many societal norms. It was a frustrating and painful path that too many know too well.

At the age of 18, she discovered yoga, the Vedas, kirtan and meditation through divine serendipity and an urgent need for sacred space. More than anything else, these teachings gave me hope for a different kind of life. Thirteen years later, the spiritual path has guided her to unimaginable and incredible places of freedom and happiness.  She has learned to see and feel the blessings (and challenges) of our connectivity to the Divine and the human, pragmatic life alike through a combination of daily internal practices, physical disciplines, faith and fun.

Alexis’s mission and hope is to humbly share what she has learned through blessings and challenges of her own in order to empower and inspire the spiritual growth in others. The deepest lesson and strongest belief she shares is that self-acceptance can truly set our souls free.

She is honoured to travel the world as a teacher, mentor, and student of her passion in sharing the message of self-acceptance and holistic wellness.

Lindsay Nova – Teaching from December 2018

Lindsay Nova often calls herself “a one-woman spiritual circus”. A sought-after yoga instructor and internationally acclaimed performance artist, she is a firm believer in the wisdom of the body, the strength of the heart, and the power of the breath. After studying yoga, dance, and movement arts around the world, she has dedicated her life to being a creative mind-body educator and multidimensional performance artist, inspiring and empowering others to take charge of their lives and live their own dreams.

Teaching yoga since 2008, she also holds a BFA in dance, choreography, and performance, in addition to certifications in Pilates and barre. She is a Reiki practitioner and regularly teaches yoga and aerial yoga teacher trainings worldwide. Her studies include Ashtanga, vinyasa, acro yoga, aerial yoga, yin and restorative yoga as well as most recently kundalini and Iyengar yoga in Dharamsala, India.

Her teaching style is a fusion of contemporary movement with traditional wisdom, which always contains a spark of creativity (shakti!) with deep intention. She honors the body as a sacred vessel to explore this world with and uses her spiritual practice to help others and herself peel away the layers of their being to understand their own personal power and role in life, or dharma. She bows deeply to all of her teachers for the wisdom and inspiration they have passed on to her, which she continues to ignite in others.

When she’s not teaching yoga, Lindsay can usually be found handstanding, hanging upside in an aerial silk, or hula hooping (sometimes on fire!).

Mitch Hunter – Teaching from December 2018 – January 2019

Mitch works as Physiotherapist, University Lecturer, and 200hr yoga teacher, but is ultimately a seeker on the path. Since the age of 7 Mitch has been an active meditator and has developed his practice over the years to its current form of ashtanga yoga asana and Zen Buddhist meditation. Through this practice Mitch has been able to allow energetic healing practices to evolve and is now able to create this experience with others.

His classes focus on a stripped back traditional style aimed at developing a strong base through fundamental postures and breath development.

When Mitch isn’t teaching, he’s surfing as much as possible and wandering into different monasteries in the area to continue learning the teachings of the Buddha.

Britt Hunter – Teaching from December 2018 – March 2019

Like all of us, Britt was practicing yoga before she even realized what yoga was, whether she found herself in deep contemplation in the forest, running barefoot through the grass, stretching after a nap under the trees or savoring the sweet air at dawn. The thing that drew Britt to yoga most was the realization that we all intuitively practice yoga every single day.

Britt came to formally practice yoga when she needed a space to reconnect while she attended law school in America, eventually quitting her job as a lawyer and moving to India to follow the path of yoga.  Britt is now a 500 hour RYT, a yin certified teacher and an eternal student. Inspired by the ancient teaching of tantra yoga, Britt brings a magical element to her classes and thoroughly believes that bliss is found in the human experience. She invites her students to dive deeply into the infinitely rich pool of life and to be sanctified by the nourishing flow of prana found within it.

When not teaching, you’ll find Britt moving between surfing her favorite waves and writing her first book.

Josh Blau – Teaching from February 2019

One of Australia’s leading Yoga and Meditation teachers, Josh is known for his energetic, transformative and inspiring classes. Deeply respectful of the origins of yoga and acutely aware of modern day needs, Josh brings everyday balance and flow to his teachings.

Forever a student, Josh spent time training in L.A at the acclaimed Black Dog Yoga and global training hub Dharma Yoga Centre in New York City with Yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra at. He frequently spends time in India to connect with the sages and origins of this ancient practice.

Now having studied under Yoga Rupa Rod Sryker he blends his previous Vinyasa experience with the Sri Vidya Tantric Hatha Yoga System.

One of his talents lies in supporting and facilitating teachers and students of all levels to embrace their fears through focusing on alignment, technique and gaining a deeper understanding of the purpose and place of each asana and Yoga in its essence.  Josh’s commitment to a daily practice and his own desire to deepen his own knowledge makes him an inspiring teacher.  

Josh’s passion is to guide people to a place where they can feel more connected to themselves. In this quest to facilitate a higher state of consciousness in his students, he brings pranayama, meditation and mantra to his classes. 

Josh’s personal mission is fostering a deep connection to self as he believes when this occurs, we can begin to live life in a state of balance and flow. 

Echo – Teaching from May 2019

Echo has two 200 HR RYT training certifications with a total of 400 RYT training, and hundreds of hours of teaching under her belt. Her background began with Hatha, vinyasa, and power yoga……evolving to yin, restorative, Sivananda and most recently training under Baron Baptiste mentors.  She focuses on alignment, breath and flow. Echo tries to create organic movement in her individual practice as well as the practice she shares with my community.

Besides yoga, Echo loves jumping out of airplanes and off cliffs. She’s a rock climber, and boulderer. Also a slack-liner, and a learning high liner. She’s also a film maker, a writer and a photographer. Always a student, and hopefully a good teacher as well.

She feels that life is much too short to stop learning, so that is what she intends on doing. These passions come into play through her practice. Echo hopes to give students an exceptional experience that allows them to learn not only about yoga, but also about their limits, about how to face their fears, and how to open up to new and creative ways of life.