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Our Yoga Teachers

Tye – Senior Yoga Teacher and Manager

Since a young age Tye has been fascinated by physical movement, meditations and the universal power of kindness. Coming from an entertainment and fitness background Tye would rely on yoga asana and meditation for rehabilitation and flexibility not completely understanding the true power of yogic living. This all change in 2013 while traveling through India when she participated in a specific yoga class that invoked and experience she had never felt before. From this moment Tye has dedicated herself to understand all she can about yogic living, and energetic healing on a personal level and also to share the phenomenon with others. Tye is a 500RYT / 200E-RYT Yoga instructor, Massage therapist and Energetic healer and teacher. Through dedication of study , Self practice, and countless moments on the mat she loves nothing more than to share love, creativity and self connection through yoga. Tye is a true believer of kindness and creative understanding. Anything can be achieved through an open mind. When she isn’t in the Yoga Shala you can find her at the beach surfing or working hard on her puns and dad jokes.

Skaya is a 500 hour certified Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Asana teacher. 

Her journey to a spiritual practice started in sport science and health, naturally merging her love of the human form, dance and wellness she began exploring yoga. After 6 years of teaching she decided to deepen her knowledge and journeyed to the birth place of yoga, India. 

As an established teacher she found herself developing new practices, and identifying areas within her teaching style that could be expanded on. Tying together traditional Indian practices with her extensive knowledge of western movement based flow she provides a deeply relaxing asana experience. 

Her gentle nature and attention to detail allows all levels of students the chance to confidently explore their asana, pranayama and meditation practice with ease. Her passion for alignment, a moving meditation, and pranayama developed a style of flow that leaves one feeling supported, spacious and light. 

Based in India for the past 2 years, when Skaya isn’t on her mat you’ll find her hiking, exploring new cultures and enjoying the ocean.

Skaya brings her magic to Talalla Yoga 200 Hour Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher Training in June 1st – 27th 2020.

James ‘Fish’ Gill is an Australian transformational facilitator and yoga teacher. He creates transformative social and emotional learning experiences that grow empathy, connection and understanding in the face of conflict, complexity and difficulty (or as he terms it, turn shit to gold). Fish’s programs have grown connection and transformed complex interpersonal challenges in multinational organisations, businesses, non-profits and schools throughout Australia since 2008.

As a consultant Fish advises on the development and delivery of contemporary rites of passage programs in schools and communities, and supports the development of transformative facilitation skills in facilitators and educators committed to the growth of compassionate, connected, courageous communities.

Fish’s love of yoga has played an essential role in developing his sense of peace and contentment in a complex, challenging, ever changing world. His great passion is working with men who are keen to relate more closely to themselves and others, sharing yoga and breaking down modern misconceptions of yoga that can make it feel inaccessible. He teaches from the tradition of ISHTA- the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda, having completed his yoga teacher training through Tamara Yoga in Perth, Western Australia.

His warm, compassionate facilitation style draws on his experiences as an educator, actor loving father of two young adults, and passionate, fallible human. He has presented to educators nationally and internationally on facilitating deep engagement and empowering communities in the face of difficulty.

Marley Thorpe started dancing at the age of 4 and fell with movement and expression.

Even at a young age, she was aware of the depth of this practice.

As she grew older her love for movement kept her connected and inspired.

Later in life, Marley found the healing practice of yoga which allowed her to create an even deeper mind-body connection while expanding her spirituality.

Marley has trained in both Australia and India completing 650Hrs in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Meditation, Pranayama, and Restorative.

She has a deep yearning to inspire others, to create a space of expression free from judgment.

We welcome Marley to Talalla Yoga from December 2019.

Waterfall In Sri Lanka

Jules Jenkinson – At an early age, Jules was able to create an understanding of movement and flow through calisthenics and dance.

The practice and spirituality of Yoga later came to Jules as a way to continue to move and as she travelled around the world.

Surrounded by inspiring teachers, classes, workshops, and her own self-study became more frequent, soon leading to her first training. Jules has been guided under many influential local and international teachers namely under the tutelage of global Prana Flow Teacher Shiva Rea.

Leading retreats abroad has allowed Jules to be constantly inspired by nature, different cultures, spirituality, and the elements, linking movement, breath and the true beauty of life through the graceful practice.

Her classes combine mantras, mudras, pranayama, and asana, expanding the full yoga experience. Jules encourages growth and interconnection of the physical and spiritual self within students, and seeks to help others thrive by nurturing own body and soul wisdom through yoga. Her hope is that her students will step off their mat and into everyday life with that same nourishment and balanced approach.

Jules will teach at Talalla from February to May 2020