Why Yoga Teacher Trainings offer you so much than the physical practice..

From our experience here at Talalla Yoga, we know that your Yoga Teacher Training will change your life.

There is nothing quite like going through the experience of a yoga teacher training, and the people who you will share the experience with will forever hold a special place in your heart. You will understand each other in a very unique way at the end of your course, and there is a good chance that you will make friendships that last a lifetime. 

There is something so unique when friendships are formed when you are in your most vulnerable state. 

Here at Talalla Yoga we view Yoga Teacher Trainings as “A Journey of the Self.” The trainings will certainly teach you practical skills such as correct alignment and body awareness to help deepen your practice, but what they have to offer goes far beyond the physical practice, expanding your awareness off the mat. 

By observing how your body works, learning how unique your mind works, and discovering your spiritual practice through understanding yoga philosophy, you will most likely walk away with a deeper sense of who you are as an individual. 

This will help boost your confidence in every day life, to help you reconnect to your own self. 

Throughout your training you will most certainly be tested. You may question yourself, trigger points from your past will begin to surface, your ability to hold postures that usually seemed so effortless will now test your balance, you will be supported out of your comfort zone to learn the ability to speak in front of people – all these attributes will be stretched and strengthened, but trust us when we say it’s all for the better. 

You will walk out of your training with a new sense of just how amazing you truly are, how far you have come within a space of a few weeks, and how much you have to look forward to when sharing your knowledge as a qualified Yoga teacher. 

Join us for our upcoming 200 Hour Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher Training on June 1st – 27th 2020. 

This training is based on traditional and classical Hatha and Tantra Yoga, with the more modern practice of Yin Yoga. At the core of this training, inspiration is drawn from Vedanta, Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and Meditation systems from various concentrations.

Modern teachings have been applied to this training, with the ancient science of yoga through classical application will stay intact and sacred to the practice.

With proper education, willpower and drive, students will find that their practices begins on the mat, but does not stay there. The practice is expansive and inclusive of our lives off the mat.

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