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What do our Talalla “Featured Retreats” have to offer?

Along with our in-house Talalla Yoga and Wellness Retreats, we love to get creative and offer further variety by sharing our monthly “Featured Retreats” where we partner up with guest facilitators from around the world to broaden your retreat experience even further.

Offering trainings in Reiki, Qigong, Self-Healing, Wim Hof, Digital Marketing, Surf Photography, NLP & Self-love retreats, plus much more.

Combine this with our professional classes and services that Talalla Yoga and Wellness already have to offer to bring you an authentic and unique retreat experience.

Health and Wellbeing is a priority offering for us and we are delighted to offer the perfect sanctuary to share your passion and teachings with your community. 

Check out our upcoming “Featured Retreats” for 2020 and send us an email to [email protected] for more information!

“ALCHEMY OF SELF” – A journey to heal & accept.
January 19th – 25th 2020 with
Talalla Yoga Managers Jenna & Tye
After a sold-out retreat in 2019,
we are excited to return with Alchemy of Self

Nikki heyder,Happy Guest, Sri Lanka

“MIND BODY BALANCE” Nutritional Retreat
March 1st – 7th 2020
A holistic approach to health as we re-align our mind and body and walk away with a greater connection to ourselves.

May 3rd – 9th 2020
This week is about finding a deeper connection to yourself, where you will look beyond your physical body and rediscover what it means to be you.

“SHAKTI BHAVANA” Women’s Connection Retreat
May 31st – June 6th 2020
Shakti Bhavana Women’s Retreat welcomes you on a journey to explore community, connection & creativity

“SOUL WEAVING” Wild Wisdom Retreat
July 5th – 12th
This retreat presents an invitation to weave a design for your soul’s unfolding, bringing together the various colours and textures of our past, present and potential futures to reveal patterns, meaning, awareness and alignment.

October 4th – 10th 2020
From Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates, Stretch, Restorative to Qigong and Meditation, we will build strength and mobility through these practices.

For more information on joining any of these retreats, or to host your own “Featured Retreat, please visit our website or send us an email to [email protected] xo

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