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Relax, re-connect, have fun and enjoy the Sri Lankan culture in our tropical paradise.

Re-treat yourself with Talalla Wellness. Here at Talalla, we don’t believe Wellness can be defined by just diet and exercise. We see wellbeing as a state experienced and created through a holistic and balanced approach. There is no “one size fits all.” We have dedicated ourselves to creating the most amazing retreats, classes and services to ensure you get the most out of your time off amongst our idyllic palm fringed beach retreat. Our time is precious, and our time ‘off’ or on holiday even more so.

Whether you need ‘solo’ time or a more ‘social’ retreat experience, we have everything you need to get the most out of your break. Connecting your mind, body and soul through movement, meditation, coaching, classes and therapies – we guarantee you will never want to leave!

Bringing together Yogis, Health Coaches, Wellness Experts, Pilates and Fitness Instructors, Massage Therapists, Reiki Masters, Teachers and Therapists – we pride ourselves on delivering the premier Sri Lanka Health & Wellness offering ♥ MEET OUR TEAM 


Our 7 day / 6 night Wellness Retreats are the epitome of a balanced, healthy holiday. Taking a light hearted and holistic approach to wellbeing, with a focus on mind, body and soul.

Enjoy twice daily Pilates, Yoga, Boxilates, Surfing and Meditation along with a 1:1 Postural and Wellbeing Consult and Spa treatments.

To balance out the body and mind we enjoy cultural activities such as a Safari (to see the elephants) or a Local Village Bike Ride (and a sunset cocktail!)

For those travellers who are little more restricted on time, we also accommodate for a 5 day / 4 night option, commencing either on the Sunday or Monday.