• Do I need to be of a certain fitness level to join a Wellness Retreat?
    • Absolutely not - we customise each class and offering based on your pre-consult. We do ask that you have medical clearance to participate in the fitness activities, but we encourage you to go at your own pace.

  • What's the difference between your Surf/Yoga and Wellness Retreat?
    • Our Wellness retreat is designed to be focused on holistic wellbeing - physical, emotional and mental. You'll receive a pre-consult that allows us to personalise your experience based on your needs - we also provide a variety of activities and experiences designed to bring more balance into your life. From fitness activities, meditation and energy modalities, cultural experiences and spa/beauty treatments. Our yoga retreats concentrate on Yoga philosophy and techniques and is an immersion into the world of Modern Yoga. Our Surf Camp is focused on just that, Surfing.

  • What do I need to bring?
    • Sri Lanka is very warm all year round. We advise you bring the following:

      Several changes of exercise clothes (including running shoes, short exercise pants and a bunch of tops)
      Something warm (like leggings and a light long sleeve shirt or jacket)
      Other casual clothes (nothing too fancy depending on your plans before and after the retreat)
      Swimmers, hat, sunscreen
      Any books/reading material for downtime (there is no WIFI in your rooms, only in the Restaurant)
      Any medications you require
      Your toiletries *include mosquito repellant
      Eye mask (unless you are happy waking with the sun)
      If you prefer to use your own yoga mat or surf board, you can bring, however we do supply all mats, boxing and surfing equipment
      European adaptor for power supply (if you MUST connect!)

  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    • We suggest early as possible to secure your spot as we limit the retreats to 12 pax. We take bookings up until 7 days of the retreat start date and as far out as one year. A small deposit will secure your spot.

  • Is there a cancellation policy?
    • We understand if you need to cancel or postpone your retreat, that’s why we’re happy to transfer your deposit / payment to a future booking at your discretion.

      If you do need to cancel please see our cancellation policy below:

      (1ST MAY - 31ST NOVEMBER)

      Cancellation with Greater than 2 Months Notice - Full Refund of Deposit, No Further Payment Required
      Cancellation with 2 Months to 4 Weeks Notice - Loss of Deposit (transferable to a future program, subject to availability)
      Cancellation with Less than 4 Weeks Notice - 100% of Total Package Cost Required (transferable to a future program, subject to availability)


      Cancellation with Greater than 2 Months Notice - Full Refund of Deposit, No Further Payment Required
      Cancellation with 2 Months to 2 Weeks Notice - Loss of Deposit (transferable to a future program, subject to availability)
      Cancellation with Less than 2 Weeks Notice - 100% of Total Package Cost Required

      Please note that refunds can only be processed to the credit card used to make the booking and may take up to 28 days.

  • What are the Visa requirements for Sri Lanka?
    • You need a 30 day Tourist visa for entry to Sri Lanka - the best way is to apply before you go and grab one online. It only takes a few minutes, costs roughly $30 USD and needs to be done at least 48 hours prior to travel. Make sure you select ‘holidaying or sightseeing’ as the purpose of your visit. Screen shot a copy of the approval on your phone so it’s easy to pull out when you arrive in Sri Lanka. Never fear if you forget, you can obtain a Tourist Visa on arrival!

  • Is it safe in Sri Lanka? What if I'm travelling alone?
    • Overall, Sri Lanka is a safe and friendly country. The people of Sri Lanka are predominantly Buddhist, they are very welcoming, peaceful, loving and polite people. Please be advised however that it is always best to be cautious when you travel. Avoid walking alone after dark. Avoid displaying jewelerry, cameras, and other valuable items openly. Using common sense is a good idea, wherever you go! We suggest purchasing a cheap local sim so you can make contact with us upon arrival into Colombo (available in the airport arrival hall). Travelling alone is fun and exciting, you'll meet lots of amazing people here at Talalla and beyond!

  • How do I get to Talalla?
    • You'll need to fly into Colombo Airport, Talalla is then an approximate 2.5-3 hr drive south. Your travel options include train, bus, taxi or private transfer. We are more than happy to book and arrange your private transfer vehicle, please advise us when making your booking. Approximate cost one way is $115USD per vehicle, we can attempt to pair you with other retreat guests to help minimise this cost. You can also use public transport for an adventure (approx. $5USD)
      1. BUS or TRAIN from Katunayake Train Station (Airport) to MATARA
      *note only in the mornings
      2. BUS Katunayake to COLOMBO then the freeway BUS to Matara
      then a Tuk tuk from MATARA to Talalla Retreat (approx. 20mins + 600rps)

  • Are there any health precautions I need to take?
    • As with any foreign country it's best to check your health status before you travel - typically recommended vaccinations for Sri Lanka are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Typhoid. We recommend you consult your GP prior to travel to ensure all vaccinsations are up to date.

      Travel insurance is compulsory. Make sure you take out a decent policy for your trip.