August 16, 2016 | Did You Know?

Not the Ordinary Vacation: Surf & Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka

Are you looking to do something different on your next holiday? Perhaps beach lounging and reading all day can get a little bit … ‘boring’? Why not consider going on a Surf & Yoga adventure in beautiful south Sri Lanka and replace the ordinary vacation for an active and fulfilling experience with plenty of downtime to relax as well?

Talalla is a piece of tropical heaven and we welcome guests from all over the world to our week long Surf & Yoga Retreats which provide people the opportunity to experience something unique whether that is because you’re new to surfing or looking to progress in your surfing skills with unparalleled surf coaching and a big dose of fun. For beginner, intermediate and experienced surfers alike, the only thing you need to bring with you is a chirpy attitude and we will take you through each of the steps of our unique surfing experience.

More so, you can combine the stoke of surfing with the bliss of yoga and get the ultimate retreat experience that will leave you feeling both energised and restored – just what you need to get ready for your next chapter. Our surf-specific yoga program combines invigorating vinyasa inspired ashtanga in the morning just in time for sunrise and to get you surf ready; with more gentle and restorative classes in the afternoon for a relaxing wind down of the day. The program also includes several different Yoga for Surfing workshops that add to the overall practice and promise to compliment the surfing experience to an optimum.

Get yourself over this side on your next vacation and we will show you how getting immersed with surfing and yoga in a fascinating culture and environment like south Sri Lanka is exactly the ‘out of ordinary’ holiday you are looking for. We will be taking you on our surf trucks and exploring secret spots along the south coast so you can be sure to see some of the most beautiful beaches Sri Lanka has to offer. If you’re
looking to do some local sightseeing as well, rice paddies, temples and markets are just a tuk tuk away and you’re welcome to explore them in your free time!

Come solo, with your partner or a group of friends and you will be sharing great times with like-minded people both in and out of the Indian Ocean. No need to bring a wetsuit, the water is nice and warm just like the temperature here in Talalla, all year round. Feel free to check us out on our Youtube channel and if you’re keen to join our Surf & Yoga Retreat program, get in touch via the following link: www.talallaretreat.com/book-talalla-surf-camp.

We promise this will be a lifetime adventure you won’t regret!

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