Update from Rebecca Plant RVN – Week 1 in Sri Lanka!

November 12, 2015 | WECare in Sri Lanka

Life has totally changed for me! I’m currently living in a hotel room with a semi open bathroom which allows the sound of the ocean and the jungle noise to be heard all day long! We’re right on the south coast in a place called Talalla, it’s absolutely beautiful. The beach is filled with street dogs playing in the sand and lots of fishing boats.

Life is very different to the North East here. For a start the driving is crazy, there are TukTuks and vans all over the road! Not to mention there are no pathways for pedestrians. There is no road safety here at all, which is what leads to so many car accidents involving street dogs trying to cross the roads.

When we’re on our way to see dogs in our TukTuk we are always looking out for any other dogs that may need our attention. The charity offers skin clinics to dogs that have serious cases of mange, that are usually left with no hair. By the end of the skin clinic they usually have most of their hair back, which is very rewarding to see! Sometimes it can be very tricky to apply the skin products as a lot of the dogs are very wary of humans, this makes it a daily challenge to think of new creative ways to provide this treatment without being bitten!

On my first full day here we started a 4 day CNVR clinic (catch, neuter, vaccinate and release). Over these 4 days we managed to successfully neuter and vaccinate around 200 dogs. There are SO many street dogs here, it really took me by surprise. Across the country there are approximately 3 million street dogs! Each of these dogs are then able to go on and breed to produce more and more. This is why neutering clinics are so important out here. The fewer the number of dogs on the street, the fewer the number of dogs able to suffer in the long run.

The conditions we have to work in out here are crazy, the humidity reaches about 80% and during this we are on a very hot, very sweaty bus! NOT what I’m used to at work in our lovely air conditioned practice. Chasing dogs around in this heat is very difficult, but it’s all for a good cause!
The days are all very different here, there is a lot more wildlife than at home. Walking down the street you can see monkeys in the palm trees and snakes by the side of the road. Overall I am loving life here and can’t wait to see what next weeks adventures bring!

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