Undiscovered Surf Spot

April 26, 2013 | Did You Know?

Australian surfers of Talalla have discovered a great big wave surf spot about 15 minutes from the resort.

Clearly the wave gets very big and is very powerful, thus for advanced surfers only.

The wave is an A-Frame and needs the right conditions; otherwise it is only a big drop with two or three turns. When the conditions are right this wave reaches 6-8 feet plus Australian measurement. In these conditions, up to 8 good turns are possible on this massive wave. We guess its size and the fact that nobody knows about it makes it a rare object for surfers who come on their surf holiday, especially on the southern tip of Sri Lanka.

Surf on Secret & Big Waves South Sri_Lanka

The wave works best from the end of April through to September. You can check on magic seaweed -Marissa (http://magicseaweed.com/Mirissa-Surf-Report/922/) and if the swell forecast says over 7 feet it will most likely work

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