The Tuk Tuk

March 17, 2014 | Did You Know?

The humble tuk tuk, found throughout Asia, is a thriving species here in Sri Lanka.

It blends into the lush undergrowth in green, or makes a fiery entrance in red. It’s plastered with stickers and beloved paraphernalia, or kept pristine and untouched. It’s often seen exalting the virtues of a Buddhist life, of even taking a note from our Rasta neighbor – Mr Marley.

Often heard first, the mighty tuk tuk may be a mobile disco, blasting local rhythms through rice paddies. It may be a sardine-can people-mover, dropping off innumerate kids to schools, mum’s to markets and dads to work. It might even be a cargo carrier – taking young coconuts or bags of red onions to stores and stalls in town.

Here, a juxtaposition of new v’s old. A row of tuk tuk’s lie in wait inside the lovely Galle Fort, approx one hour from Talalla Retreat. Like a panther they might pounce on a visitor with the famous Sri Lankan cry of “You Want Tuk Tuk?”. An unforgettable phrase, although more often than not, met with a resigned “No!”. Love them or hate them, you’ll definitely catch them when you’re here.

Image courtesy of D.Jones Photography and may not be reproduced without permission.



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