How do you feel about travelling to Sri Lanka now? Talalla Wellness helps to answer your questions.

Here at Talalla Wellness, we recently asked you all if you have any questions or concerns about travelling to Sri Lanka after the recent events from April.

As some of you may of heard, there were some unfortunate bombings angled towards the Christian religion on April 21st (Easter Sunday), in the city and surrounding areas of Colombo and Negombo – about 3 hours away from Talalla Retreat.

Our Talalla Wellness staff have been on-ground throughout the whole experience, so we wanted to share our responses with you all, to ensure peace of mind and safety for all.

Question 1. Is there still a travel ban to Sri Lanka?

As of June 6th, the UK have lifted their travel ban to Sri Lanka. Interntional Media source The Independent announced: “The Foreign Office warning against travel to Sri Lanka has been withdrawn. The island is now regarded as low risk, meaning that British travellers can return.” UK and Australia are among many other countries who have now advised travellers to visit Sri Lanka, also stating that “Sri Lanka is brim with lush landscapes, ancient treasures and amazing people. Now is the time that they need our support. Tourism is a big part of their economy and the FCO update is only good news for the Sri Lankan people.”

Read more about the recent travel ban lift here.

Question 2. Are the roads still closed, and are their lots of military presence still?

Yes the roads are open, they were only closed for about a week after the events. There has been an increase in military presence since the events took place, however as Talalla Retreat is located in a quiet buddhist village away from any main cities, tourist attractions or transport hubs, we don’t have any military presence around us. We do have guards onsite 24 hours like we always have however, these are mainly to keep the monkey’s away!

Question 3. How can we best support Sri Lanka since what happened?

Travel can be an intimidating experience but also a very rewarding one… by going to Sri Lanka you are also supporting the locals with your business and you can physically show them love and compassion as you go through daily life in their beautiful country.

Questions 4. Is it now considered safe to travel to Sri Lanka?

Like anywhere in the world, when it comes to travelling to new and foreign places, it’s always best to remain aware and vigilant in your new surroundings. Do some research into the culture and politics when going somewhere for the first time. It’s best to be aware of the appropriate dress attire, try and learn the basics of the language, for eg. “Thank you” and “Please” .

The reality of the current world we are living in today means that no where is ever 100% guaranteed safe. The best we can all do is remain aware, and support and rebuild the communities and people affected by the unfortunate events.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the safety of Sri Lanka please do not hesitate to ask, as we are here to support your travels to ensure peace of mind for all.

Sri Lanka Beach Resorts staff

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