December 14, 2017 | Resort, Wellness

Why Sri Lanka is the wellness destination of choice, by The Vista

Last month, one of our favourite Travel Writers escaped her adult responsibilities for a week and joined one of our transformative Wellness Retreats. Along with a close girl friend- another mum used to putting the needs of others first- Julia, the powerhouse behind the beautiful Travel Website The Vista , took time out for herself.

Before they left Talalla, feeling elated from a week of sunshine, exploration and activity, Julz and Mylie reflected on the fact that in order to be the best in everything we do, we need to hold space for ourselves, for not only meeting our own personal needs, but reflecting and meditating on what makes us come alive.

Read Julz’s beautifully written account of her retreat in her article on why Sri Lanka is the wellness destination on everyone’s mind. The article also features incredible film photography by the very talented Mylee Grace.

In celebration of self preservation and friendship, The Vista x Talalla Resort are offering a 15% discount on any booking between March and Oct 2018. Quote “THE VISTA” on booking. Book HERE . You’re welcome x





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