Talalla Twitter(er)

March 17, 2014 | Did You Know?


This little guy is a Rose Ringed Parakeet. He lives in the gardens at Talalla Retreat and can often be found twittering with his friends, welcoming the morning with his happy little song.

His bright green colour and rosy beak mean he easily blends in with the tropical gardens of Talalla.

He lives on grains and seeds, found throughout the grounds, and loves to swish his wings about in the bath. He loves to eat wing beans, the very same ingredient that’s found in our dinner most nights of the week! While we love them stewed with tomato, or chipped finely in a coconut salad, he loves them fresh and crunchy.

Although he has the ability to mimic human speech, he’s not quite multilingual yet but he does love to talk to all of our guests.

He loves to tweet, but is a traditional sort so not quite up to speed on social media yet! Who’s trending now?

Image courtesy of D.Jones Photography and may not be reproduced.


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