Sunset Yoga Practising-Talalla Retreat

December 6, 2017 | Yoga

Talalla – A poem by Sky

Earlier this year, Sky visited Talalla on one of our immersive Yoga Retreats. While many guests choose to share their experience through photos (which we love to see!), Sky beautifully evokes the magic of Talalla through poetry.

For more poetry by Sky, visit her blog Conversations in Poetry.


A place, a beach, an oasis
Retreat from the world
Your cares floating away on the tropical breeze
As your breath deepens to match the waves rolling in

The days are timeless
Flowing peacefully from one moment to the next
Punctuated by yoga and a swim (it is hot after all!)

Unwind your mind
Unfurl your wings
Let your spirit free

Free to be where you are
In this moment
Embracing the wisdom of the ancients
The mantras reminding us all
‘You are enough’
‘Your presence is sufficient’
‘You are precious’
And most importantly
‘You are loved’

Watching the moon emerge from the ocean
Entranced by the moonlight dancing on the waves
Sparkles glistening on each wave as it runs to the shore

Emerging from deep yin
Wandering back through the gardens
Nature’s magic has one more treat in store –
Fireflies dancing in the soft grass
Weaving webs of light in the twilight

Breathe deep
There is no where else you should be
There is no thing you need to do
In this moment
In this place
In this space
At peace

Let go
And just


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