December 2, 2017 | Yoga

My Talalla Memory– Melanie

By Winnie Stubbs, Marketing Intern

Meet Melanie: our Yoga Manager and possibly the most serenely graceful human you will ever have the good fortune of laying eyes on. When she’s not teaching classes or hosting retreats, she is most likely to be found in the ocean.

On the eve of tomorrow’s full moon, Melanie shares one of her favourite Talalla memories;

“One of my favorite Talalla memories was just about a year ago on the Full Moon December 2016. It happened to be a super moon that night (meaning the moon is at it’s closest point to earth in its orbital pattern) and I can’t recall a brighter more beautiful moon. We had an after hours bonfire with fire dancing, laughter, and music. A few of us wandered to the beach to meditate with the waves and moon beams. We spontaneously started to chant rolling OM’s and the vibration we created had an incredibly powerful resonance. Coming back to my surroundings, I looked down at the sand and discovered a glowing bio-florescent blue plankton! We all gathered around shocked by the discovery, and simultaneously ran into the ocean to search for more!! Unfortunately, we didn’t find anymore Bioluminescence to swim with, but we enjoyed floating in warm ocean under such bright moonlight! Someone initiated the first howl, the rest of us joined in sync, and then the village dogs all joined the chorus to call to the moon!! We were laughing and laughing the rest of the night. Was such a beautiful experience and an amazing way to feel the real life magic of Talalla Retreat.”

Read about Melanie’s Yoga journey and teaching style from official page of Yoga Teachers at Talalla Retreat..

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