Travel tips for wifi in Sri Lankan paradise.

Tropical paradise, surrounded by palms, calming yourself with the sound of the indian ocean. What could be better? A few travel tips perhaps? Sri Lanka, arguably one of the worlds tropical paradises that remains for the most part still untouched by western tourism. Tropical holidays, boutique retreats, a paradise that caters for every and all people. Yoga, Surf, Meditation, the place we call home has everything to offer for those looking to seek it.  With technology advancing daily, Wifi seems…

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5 essentials for an eco friendly travellers backpack.

March 14, 2019 | Did You Know?, Resort, Sri Lanka, travel

Sometimes all it takes is a little thought, that little thought will grow and become part of your everyday life.   When it takes a hold, the conscious decisions you make to help mother earth will make her and you feel good. In a world where everything is accessible, a click and a little patience means you can have whatever you want in your lap in no time at all. For those who are on the road, or for those…

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January 27, 2018 | Wellness

Retreats – what to look for before you book! With a plethora of yoga, surf and ‘detox’ retreats now out there, it can be both time consuming and stressful to choose the right one for you, and there’s nothing worse than finding yourself on a retreat that doesn’t live up to expectations – it’s a lot of money to invest in yourself, so you want to make sure you’re getting value plus an awesome experience right? So, what should you…

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