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Sustainable initiatives for the well-intentioned traveller

Sustainable initiatives for the well-intentioned traveller

We would like to welcome you to our paradise that goes by the name of ‘Talalla’.

Talalla is surrounded by tropical rainforests and situated on the sandy shorelines of one of the most pristine beaches in Sri Lanka. A relaxing and hidden heaven that remains remote and untouched. We’re thankful for the beautiful bubble that is Talalla Retreat and recognise our responsibility for reducing the environmental impact that we have on our surroundings.

Talalla Beach

Talalla Beach, Sri Lanka

Talalla is a resort that focuses on respecting its environment, a theme that remains consistent through the food, outlay and values of our hotel. We pride ourselves as one of Sri Lanka’s most sustainable and eco-friendly resorts and are committed to integrating sustainable practices in everything we do. This blog post is for the well-intentioned and mindful nomad who wants to not only reduce their carbon footprint on the planet, but also show support to hotels that try their bit to give back to the environment.

So what exactly does it mean to be a sustainable resort?

We all know that ‘sustainability’ has long been a buzzword within the community of hoteliers. And you’re probably questioning the lengths that we go to when promoting our environmentally conscious resort.

Our goal at Talalla Retreat is to be environmental leaders, to honourably and transparently promote our sustainable practices and to empower you with the knowledge about how to create a sustainable framework and lifestyle that is better for the environment.

Below, we have outlined our mindful initiatives at Talalla with suggestions about how you can live a more conscious and green lifestyle at home.

Talalla Green buildings

Environmental Bamboo Huts

Our environmentally friendly bamboo huts at Talalla Retreat.

The design of Talalla has been fashioned in respect to the surrounding landscape of its environment. Our building materials are sourced locally and almost all our rooms feature open-air pavilions, this allows for a steady airflow and removes the need to use air conditioning. You can see more of our eco-designed rooms here.

Key takeaways for home

Many overlook the need to build homes that are environmentally friendly. Creating and managing a green home for you and your family to live in will not only mean that you are engaging in an environmentally friendly practice- but also allows you to pass on lessons and raise environmental awareness to your friends and family. We encourage our guests to do their research when creating and managing a ‘green home’, and we welcome our guests to ask us for advice or to take inspiration from our buildings at Talalla Retreat.

Find a building contractor who will follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Homes Program. If you wish to locate a “green building” professional we recommend you go through the Green Building Council Directory.


Talalla Vegetable Garden

Talalla Vegetable garden

We have two vegetable gardens at Talalla, our gardens allow us to produce organic fruits, vegetables and spices for the hotel’s kitchen.

Key takeaways for home

We encourage everyone to have their own vegetable garden at home! Not only does this help you eat more fresh and nutrition-rich foods, but it will also help you save money and reduce your overall carbon footprint. For those living in a warm climate; crops such as melons, pumpkin, squash eggplant, capsicum, tomato and cucumber will thrive. If you live in a cooler climate; try growing broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, onion, asparagus and carrots.



Talalla Compost System

compost central-talalla retreat

Thanks to Compost Central, we have pioneered a closed-loop waste management system that converts carbon and food waste from the resort. We are the first hotel in the tropics to have this compost system, and we aim to educate and inspire other hoteliers to do the same.

Key takeaways for home

Compost systems at home can be as simple as putting your banana peels and kitchen waste in your vegetable garden. We would love to educate you about how to compost your waste and show you through our compost site at Talalla Retreat! Feel free to contact our compost guru to arrange an appointment:
Udesh Dharmasiri Belpagoda Gamage
Phone: +94 710 653 388
Email: [email protected]


Talalla Solar Hot Water System

outdoor showerWater heating is the largest use for energy in the hospitality industry (it makes up nearly a third of total energy use), at Talalla we use solar energy to heat up our showers.

Key takeaways for home

This one is a no-brainer…Install your own solar panels!!






Karma Beach Bags

Karma Beach Bags

Talalla Retreat has founded a beach-clean campaign for guests and staff to preserve the natural beauty of the secluded beach upon which it is set. We encourage our guests to take a beach bag on their way to the beach in case they find any litter on the way.

Key takeaways

If you don’t already have one, buy a reusable bag! Make your canvas bag your best friend, bring it where ever you go- talk it on your morning walk to the beach and pick up littler on your way, use it instead of a plastic bag. If you don’t have one you can purchase a bag at our Talalla Shop!




Plastic use at Talalla

We are gradually working towards becoming a plastic-free resort and try our best to minimize all plastic use at Talalla. We offer our guests’ water refill stations, reusable straws and use refillable bathroom amenities.

Key takeaways

Take a glass or aluminum (plastic free) water bottle with you wherever you go! Also, bring your own takeaway container and coffee cup to cafe’s (you can put these in your new canvas bag). Basically….say NO to anything plastic!!

"can i really make a difference" said 7.7 billion people
Whilst you may be thinking “I’ve heard this all before”, we invite you to reflect and think about the last time you picked up a piece of litter whilst you took your morning walk to the beach. Did you order a coffee today? Did you throw out the cardboard cup straight away?


We’re here to find sustainable services and share our practices that make it easy for all of us to play a role in being environmentally friendly. It’s all about taking the small steps towards Mother Earth so as to make this planet a better place for our communities and generations to come.



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