August 4, 2016 | Did You Know?

Stressed ?A Break is what you need right now

We’re working harder and longer – and time just seems to fly by – how is it mid 2016 already? We’ll wake up tomorrow and it’ll be Christmas again.

When we don’t take time out for ourselves, to be present and grateful for what is, anxiety and stress creeps in. Our focus turns to what we don’t have rather than what we do. Life becomes a chore, we feel depressed, unable to shift our mood. It aint pretty. Maybe a personal life trauma triggers the downfall, or a drama at work that impacts finances– whatever it is, it’s a kick in the guts and even the most positive of people get struck down with the blues.

Dedicating time for yourself to check in, re-boot and re-balance is vital – not only for you personally, but for those around you. We put more pressure on ourselves when we know others rely on us, particularly as parents or carers. So why not give yourself the time and space to re-connect? A Balance Break takes a holistic approach to wellbeing – with three simple pillars

Eat Well, Move More, Live Better

Balance Breaks focus on the mental, physical and emotional, combining eastern and western practices that are tailored to each individuals needs through a careful pre consultation. You choose how little or as much as you want to participate in, after all, this is about YOU.

The objective of a Balance Break is to ensure you leave us feeling energized, refreshed and confident with managing stressful or anxious situations in the future. Above all though, it’s about having fun, after all, no one ever died wishing they worked more right?

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