Are you a Roaming Yogi?

February 10, 2018 | meditation, Resort, Sri Lanka, Wellness, Yoga

“If you’re an adventurer who loves to practice yoga and nourish your body and mind with new experiences, then Roaming Yogi retreats are for you!”

Join Roaming Yogi Adventures for an unforgettable experience practicing yoga and learning to surf at Talalla Retreat in the warm tropical waters of Sri Lanka.

Along with surfing & yoga, you’ll explore the local culture through an interactive cooking class where you’ll make delicious Sri Lankan food, visit a local Buddhist temple, snorkel the beautiful coral reef and go on an epic day-long wildlife safari!

Yoga, meditation and reflection exercises will be offered once to twice daily. Yoga will consist of vinyasa instruction suited for all levels. Yin and workshops are also included to help you advance your practice.

Included in the price of the retreat is 7 nights accommodation at the beautiful Talalla retreat, all meals, and activities.

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