Daily Yoga Retreat Schedule at Talalla

Your retreat begins on Sunday afternoon with a one on one session with our teachers to introduce you the retreat program and to answer all your questions. A gentle evening yoga session will help you to recover from a day of traveling before you join other retreat participants for your welcome dinner.

A beautiful welcome ceremony tunes you into the Talalla vibe. During the week you can enjoy daily classes on yoga, meditation, pranayama and workshops and a lot of delicious food and drinks. On Thursday evening we invite you to join our closing ceremony. The retreat ends on Friday with a morning yoga practice and a tasty breakfast. Extend your stay for a few more days of relaxation at Talalla or continue your travels in Sri Lanka. Each week we offer a slightly different theme to cater to a variety of interests and practices. A few of our sample retreat themes include:

Fall in Love with your Practice

This retreat is a dedication to deepen your yoga practice. Our program is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of yoga’s many facets. The workshops will focus on yoga philosophy, asana alignment, how to develop a home practice—combined with our yoga and meditation classes will be a perfect recipe to fall even more in love with yoga.

Weekly Excursion: Koggala Lake—We connect with nature by taking a boat journey visiting Koggala Lake’s small islands stopping to visit a small local temple and Spice Garden! All while keeping our eyes open for some of Sri Lanka’s amazing wildlife in and along the lake!

Energy Body Exploration

This week, our resident teachers will take you on an inner journey exploring the seven chakras. We will experience our main energy centers as more than just abstract concepts, but try to learn to access them through asana practice, meditation, and special workshops.

Weekly Excursion : Mulkirigala Rock Temple-an ancient Buddhist heritage site over 2,000 years old! On the way back, we stop by Hiriketya Beach to have a fabulous lunch and dip in the pool at Jasper House (Talalla’s beautiful sister property).

Yoga Recharge and Renew

Sometimes we need to get away to refresh ourselves. This week’s offering focuses on releasing unnecessary stress that builds up. We deepen into the practice to connect back in with ourselves, let go of what no longer serves us, and channel our energy back to what is really important. Join us this week to dedicated time to self-care.

Weekly Excursion: Tea Plantation—Sri Lankan tea is world-renowned for its quality and flavor. Our retreat gets to see and taste it fresh picked from one of the countries finest tea plantations!

Elemental Experience

This week we connect with the Bhutas—the sanskrit word for elements. In the yoga tradition, they are classified as Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. We discover their natural alchemy as they are expressed in the universe as well as expressed within each of us.

Weekly Excursion: Sea Turtles and Galle Fort—We visit a Sea Turtle Conservation project to learn more about these amazing animals and then head to Galle, an old Dutch colonial city that has an interesting historical heritage, great boutiques for shopping, and delicious dining! Wander together or around on your own.

**Excursions subject to change based on availability

7:30 am Vinyasa Yoga (90 min)

Vinyasa yoga is a practice in which a continuous sequence of postures and breathing are the primary forms. Vinyasa translates to ʻcorrect purposeful placement of movement and breathʼ and so this group class focuses on proper sequencing of movement to create a dynamic sense of flow, good form, and alignment. Variations will be given to accommodate practitioners of all levels.

11:30 am Daily Workshop (60-90 min)

Led by our resident yoga teachers, these daily workshops will be an opportunity to explore other aspects of yoga that are not covered generally in regular yoga classes. Topics such as anatomy, yoga philosophy, meditation, developing a home practice and advanced postures will be covered.

4:00 pm Meditation and Guided Pranayama Exercises (45 min)

Explore different techniques of meditation in our open air yoga hall or on the beach.
Pranayama is the practice of controlling or regulating the breath in order to increase vitality and overall well-being. We explore a range of breathing exercises and learn the proper techniques used for breathing in poses, cleansing, energizing, and meditation.
We also begin to cultivate the practice of seated meditation and self reflection via some writing exercises.

5:00 pm Restorative Yoga / Yin Yoga (90 min)

Restorative Yoga is a very gentle and quiet practice. We use props such as bolsters, blankets, and straps to support the body in the poses. Restorative yoga calms your nervous system and the long hold poses assist the body and the mind to deeply relax and renew. Yin Yoga focuses on the connected tissues such as ligaments, bones and joints of the body. Yin Yoga can be used in a passive and soft way as well as a more challenging way due to the long hold of the postures.


Enjoy the relaxation with a complimentary one hour full body massage by one of our resident massage therapists.


Our retreat takes a special excursion to the Mulkirigala Rock Temple-an ancient Buddhist heritage site over 2,000 years old! There are seven cave temples we visit on the way up to the top for an incredible view!

On the way back to Talalla, we stop and have lunch at Jasper House, Talalla’s sister property in Hiriketiya Bay.