Religion in Sri Lanka

April 12, 2013 | Sri Lanka

religions in Sri Lanka

There are many and varied, but all spectacularly colourful, religious and cultural festivals all year round.

Be immersed in Buddhist culture at one of the Perahera’s around the country, visit sacred Kataragama or ascend Adam’s Peak with the Pilgrims at dawn.

Right next door to Talalla Retreat, the Rev K Upali is a wonderful source of information about the beauty and peace of the Buddhist faith. You can learn more about him here.

For a full roll call of religious festivals and events, we suggest you visit http://www.srilanka.tourism-asia.net/festivals-in-sri-lanka.html

Sri Lanka supports a diverse cultural and religious population. Different faiths live harmoniously toghether in a supportive environment.

Sri Lanka’s main religions can be roughly divided into:
Buddhism- 70 per cent
Hinduism – 16 per cent
Christianity – 7 per cent
Islam – 7 per cent

Each month on the full moon, those that practice the Buddhist faith celebrate poya. Be aware that if you’re in Sri Lanka on a poya day, most shops will be closed. In the evening, keep an ear out for chanting and drumming at your local temple.

On Fridays, please note that most of the shops in Galle Fort will be closed due to a midday service at the Mosque, in respect to the local Muslim community.

The closest Christian Church to Talalla is located approximately 15 minute tuk tuk drive away in Matara. The official web site of Our Lady of Matara Church contains all the information of it’s full service.

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