July 6, 2018 | Wellness

Release Your Tight Hips

Do you have tight hips? Our Wellness Manager Jenna does as a result of many  years of running and sport (and little stretching) plus an injury to her pelvis.

Tight hips can result from poor movement and body function or patterning, a lack of mobility (such as sitting or being ‘static’ for long periods of time) and of course injury. Tight hamstrings and hip flexors can lead to lower back pain and bring the pelvis out of alignment.

The hips are also an emotional pain body site, as there are so many muscles, ligaments and tendons that make up and support the entire hip joint and area. Ever heard your yoga teacher remind you that the hips are where we ‘store all our emotions’? This is why… it’s the epicentre of our our un-processed emotional states and experiences, and trauma.

One of the largest and most interesting muscles in the hip area, is your Psoas, and it’s responsible for so much more than just hip flexion! It’s hugely common for people, sporty and otherwise, to misuse their psoas, here are 4 good reasons NOT to misuse it from Liz Koch.

Jenna’s put together a short sequence incorporating both Yoga asana and Pilates exercises to mobilise and stretch the muscles around the hip – each pose can be either moved through in line with your breathe, or held for 2-3 minutes. Morning time is great to repeat this flow sequence a few times too. Enjoy.

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