November 23, 2017 | Yoga

Recharge & Renew Yoga Retreats

By Winnie Stubbs, Marketing Intern

As an integral part of the Talalla experience, we’re passionate believers in the power of Yoga; the mindset, the philosophy and the way it makes us feel.

That’s why we invite all and any guests to join us in our Beach Shala for our daily classes– an energising Vinyasa practice in the morning and a Restorative sunset practice.

For guests looking to really deepen their understanding of Yoga and develop their skills, Talalla Yoga offer a range of all inclusive retreat programmes.

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on our Recharge & Renew Yoga Retreats- a deeply restorative programme dedicated to self care.

Designed to relieve unnecessary stress, this retreat involves deepening into the practice to connect back in with ourselves, let go of what no longer serves us, and channel our energy back to what is really important.

Along with the sequence of twice-daily practices, the Recharge & Renew Programme includes a 60 minute treatment in the Talalla spa, a private Yoga class, a group excursion to a Tea Plantation and a Talalla Yoga Goodie Bag.

For more details, visit the Talalla Yoga page.

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