With the recent build of our beachfront “tall shala” we now have 4 x beautiful open-air shalas to offer your students. There is no charge for using the Talalla Yoga Shalas. Because, it is included as part of your group’s package. We provide all props including mats, blankets, blocks, straps and bolsters, as well as an audio sound system and projector.

All four of our yoga shala’s are open air. Moreover, the shalas are supported by 1 x main wall, with 3 x open sides overlooking the beautiful Talalla grounds or beachfront. Each shala also has bamboo blinds to provide privacy. Each shala is also fitted with lights and fans, and we provide incense and mosquito coils and candles.

We often have several group retreats running at once. So, we do request a copy of your guest schedule at least a month in advance so we can check your preferred times of day with our other groups, to ensure everyone can be accommodated in the shala’s. Moreover, we take requests for class timing and group size. Then look at how to best accommodate everyone on the shala schedule. We, of course, aim to please every group to ensure comfort and privacy throughout your retreat/training, and we appreciate your understanding.

*The number of students per class per shala would be:

Pool shala: 45 students

Beach Shala: 33 – 35 students

Garden shala: 15 students

Tall Shala: 15 students

** Please note as Talalla Retreat is located in a small local village, there may be some surrounding noise from the local temple, which can be very beautiful. We are also removed from any main roads and train lines so there will be minimal noise from local traffic.

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Talalla Retreat SHALAS

Talalla Retreat SHALAS

Talalla Retreat SHALAS

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Talalla Retreat SHALAS