Monsoon season? What monsoon season?

June 18, 2019 | Uncategorised

There are two words that strike fear into the heart of any traveller making their way to the tropics.

Monsoon season. 

The mere whisper of the words makes the uneasy adventurer shudder and scramble for their laptop, checking any and all information available.

Google is quickly bombarded with “when is monsoon season”, “how much rain does Sri Lanka get” and “are the waves still ok”…

So, you heard it here first, forget about the monsoon season. 

At Talalla Retreat, we’re more than cut out for what mother nature can throw at us, should we ever need it, but in reality, we rarely see the make believe images conjured up in our heads when we think of the word ‘monsoon’. 


Sri Lanka has varying year-round temperatures that fluctuate with the seasons. However, in the Southern Province, air temperatures rarely drop below 29, water temperature is a balmy 28 + year round. 

Rain? Although we love it when it does, monsoon rains generally fall during the night and occasionally throughout the day. Generally, the wet season is wet overnight and dry throughout the day. 

Wind? It’s true that the wind picks up during our ‘off season’ but its nothing we don’t all love, the sea breeze brings a perfect coolness to our open-air retreat that is welcomed with open arms.


Now, without making things too complicated… Our location at Talalla Retreat is perfect. We’re situated right amongst some of the best surf spots Sri Lanka has to offer. Far far from the madding crowd. We never say too much but we reckon we have it best down here.

Forget the carnage of Arugam Bay. You can surf on the South Coast year round with a bit of exploring. 


Many hotels and hostels throughout the south coast will close between May-Nov due to a drop in tourism (thanks to mass media and the threat of a bit of rain). However, Talalla is open year round, and the surrounding areas are quiet, meaning there’s a perfect opportunity to really experience the blissful peace and quiet of Sri Lanka’s best kept secret.

So without further discussion, its probably best to make a few clicks and book a room! With 2-4-1 Wellness and Yoga retreats from May-July (t&c’s apply) and ever changing discounted rates on our rooms, there’s no time like the present!

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