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December 7, 2017 | Resort

Meet The Team – Roshan, Head Chef

By Winnie Stubbs, Marketing Intern

Yesterday, our Wellness Retreat guests took part in an afternoon cooking class with Talalla’s Head Chef- the man behind those beautiful breakfasts and mind-blowing curries.

We had a quick chat with Roshan about his background and foodie favourites.

What was your favourite food when you were growing up?

I’ve always loved curries. When I was growing up it was probably a potato curry with spinach– like an Indian Saag Aloo but with a Sri Lankan twist. Sri Lankan food is all about coconut, chilli and cinnamon in perfect balance.

Did you cook as a child?

Not really. I first got into cooking after working as a waiter at a casino club in Colombo. I met someone who offered me a job in Singapore, so I moved there and trained in gastronomy. I’ve worked at high end hotels all around the world, including Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. I spent six and a half years working at a One & Only resort in The Maldives, and over three years working at an Intercontinental Hotel in Saudi Arabia before returning home to Sri Lanka.

What’s your favourite thing to cook?

Definitely Italian food. The flavours are so rich; so different from Sri Lankan cuisine but the perfect complement.

We all want to know how you make your curries taste so good. One tip?

For Sri Lankan curries, the secret is to add fresh curry leaves and cinnamon sticks early on, and add the other spices later on in the cooking process.

And finally, your day on a plate at Talalla; what would you recommend?

For breakfast I would go for the traditional Sri Lankan dishes: dhal, coconut sambol and onion jam. Maybe followed by a rice flour pancake topped with fresh fruit and buffalo curd. At lunch I love the kurakkan roti, and then my favourite dish in the evening is baked lobster– seafood at Talalla is always good because it’s so fresh.

We’ll be uploading some of Roshan’s recipes to the blog soon, but to experience the full extent of his skills, you’ll have to stop by for supper.


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