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December 12, 2017 | Surf

Our amazing yoga teacher Tye has been part of the Talalla Surf & Yoga team since October 2016 and has – thank god – never left our side ever since. From the origin of her passion for yoga, to her love for Sri Lanka: we grilled this beautiful soul with 9 questions!

Yoga Teacher

Name: Tye Fielding

Job: Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist & Reiki Master

Age: 25 years

Roots: Australia

Nickname: Tyger

Favourite yoga pose: Scorpion Pose (Vrschikasana)

Favourite Talalla memory: ‘Definitely the sunset surfs with our whole team. The sun is going down, you’re in the ocean with all the people that you love and everyone is just so happy.’



Where does your passion for yoga come from?

‘I have been practicing the physical postures of yoga for most of my life; my mum taught my siblings and me at a young age. I did not understand yet that there was more to yoga then just going to a class, until I went to Rishikesh in India in 2013 and attended a Pranayama (breathing) class that changed my life.

I had done meditation and asanas (yoga postures), but I had never  focused on breathing and lchanging the patterns and length of my breath. It just made my body feel so different in such a good way! After the class, I just remember crying because I was so happy. It made me realize that I wanted to become a yoga teacher and I wanted to understand everything about yoga. I decided to turn my passion into my life. That same year I went back to India and did my Teacher Training Course (TTC) in Rishikesh. Every day I am still so happy that I attended that Pranayama class!’

What does an ordinary day at work look like for you?

‘I reluctantly wake up from my dream world at 5.30am and take a scenic stroll down to the beach shala where I teach sunrise yoga. It is hard to start the day in a bad mood if that is how your day begins! After the morning class I move to the delicious Talalla buffet to stuff myself before going surfing. I come back to teach yoga again and spend time with the guests and my friends. Some days, I surf in the afternoon or teach more yoga workshops and classes.’

What is most special about teaching yoga at Talalla?

‘The unreal guests that join us! I get to experience people in such special time in their lives. They are learning new skills and are feeling so happy and are proud to be in their own skin. I could have a hairdresser and a rocket scientist in the same group and I wouldn’t even know. Everyone is the same here, that barrier is being broken.

I love being able to experience a guest’s journey. You kind of have to feel and weigh out what every person is after. Being able to help others experience yoga is just so beautiful.’

Best yoga teacher

Having been here for a year, do you still prepare for your classes? 

‘I prepare for my classes all the time and I always write a lesson plan. Every Sunday, when I meet new guests, I always feel a little bit nervous. I don’t know the group and I don’t know what they are after.

Along the way I figure that out and change my lesson plan depending on what sort of experience my guests would like to have. Some guests are still super energetic after their surfs, others are completely wrecked, so I tailor each class to the needs of the guests and those needs can be different every week.’

Why do surf and yoga work together so well?

Pre-surf yoga session on the beach with Talalla Surf in Sri Lanka

‘I cannot recommend the combination more; they just go hand in hand. Knowing how much yoga can benefit surfing is astonishing. Realizing that when you’re out for a surf and get wiped-out or if things are just not working for you for whatever reason, the first thing that will leave you is your mindfulness and breath. Just simply practicing that aspect of yoga out on the surf is so helpful.

In terms of balance: you are moving, the ocean is moving, you have to balance on this big board: that is pretty crazy when you think about it! Learning how to find your place in the ocean is similar to finding your balance on the mat.’

Is it possible for guests to progress much within a one-week Surf & Yoga Retreat?

‘Yes it is for sure. It is really cool to see the difference in people between day one to day six – it is absolutely mind-blowing in terms of physical ability and flexibility. It shows how that lack of stress let’s your body perform in ways you would have never expected it to.

It is not just the physical progression guests endure, but also the mental transition that takes place. When they are practicing yoga they are at a much more vulnerable pace with their body, so they are able to experience a lot more. It is all just so wonderful to witness.’

yoga teacher at Talalla Retreat

What is your favourite thing about living in Sri Lanka?

‘Hands down being so immersed by this beautiful natural environment, it is so overwhelming. Just the jungle walk from the surf house to the retreat, the fact that we can just go for a swim in the ocean and are able to go surfing every day – it is mind-blowing! We are at nature’s best.’

What teaching moment will you always keep with you? 

‘I will always remember this guy who joined the Talalla Surf & Yoga Retreat and had never tried yoga in his life. He was a bit worried to start as he suffered from a pretty serious back injury due to basketball. This guy ended up joining every single yoga class and all the surf sessions we offered that week, and by day seven he was so mind blown as he was in the least amount of pain in years! Since then, we’ve stayed in touch. He told me that he has swapped his gym membership for a yoga membership and has been hooked on his yoga practice ever since! It is pretty crazy how the practice of yoga can change a person’s life so drastically.’

Talented Yoga teacher

Is yoga for everyone?

‘Maybe not everyone will love asanas, maybe not everyone will love meditation, but everyone will love some part of yoga. Even listening to the coaches explaining things about surfing or being totally immersed by the beauty of the ocean during a surf, that is all yoga. Just appreciating life, that’s yoga. I think every single person in the world needs that.’



By: Exhale Retreats

Yin or Vinyasa?


Upward or Downward facing dog?

Downward facing dog

Morning or Arvo Yoga?

Morning yoga

Coconut or Lassi?


Kottu or Dahl?


Longboard or shortboard?





‘Tye is a very talented and profound yoga teacher with a remarkable voice. Her yoga classes were all well aligned with daily surf session and she always adjusted body and mind to a perfect balanced state. Tye has become one of my favourite yoga teachers!’ – Norbert Meinike, September 2017

‘I spent one week in Talalla and had such wonderful yoga experience with Tye. My favourite class of all were the sunrise classes right in front of the beach and waking up to her sweet and calming voice was the best. Her practice was also a great way to warm up and stretch before surfing. Tye also shared her personal notes for self practice with us, she is a great yoga teacher and a beautiful soul too’ – Sarah Nsiri, February 2017


Pre-surf yoga session on the beach with Talalla Surf in Sri Lanka

Interested in a Yoga & Surf Retreat with Tye? The Talalla Surf & Yoga Retreat offers an integrated yoga program that works around and complements your surf experience. With your dedicated Yoga instructor you will participate in a series of insightful workshops and classes specific to your level of surfing. Click here for more information!

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