Meet our Wellness team

Here at Talalla Wellness, we believe our retreats are the epitome of a balanced & healthy holiday; taking a light-hearted and holistic approach to wellbeing, with a focus on mind, body, and soul.

Our highly qualified international facilitators offer an array of wellness services with compassion, professionalism and care.

We recently sat down with our Wellness Facilitator Mandy Francisty to chat a little about her background, her services on offer, and what well-being means to her…

Tell us a little about your background and how you fell into working in the Wellness industry..

Mandy: I have always had a love for movement and health. When I first got into the wellness industry honestly it was coming from a place of fear, poor self image and linking my self-worth to the way that I looked. I was a P.E teacher at school for 4 years and then got into the gym competing in female body sculpting. This at the time was an “excuse” for me to get lean. I thought if I did this I would be happy and fulfilled. So I fell into the path of Personal Training as a result of this lifestyle change. I was in a world full of people who “lived for the gym” so to me this was my world. After 6 years of competing and punishing my body (at the time I thought it was healthy training 3 hours a day and eating as little as 1000 calories a day) I fell very ill. I was hospitalised and for a few days it was thought I had lukemia. My immunity was very poor. 

From here this was my “wake up call” to take on a new “wellness” path in my own life, one that encompassed my mind, body and soul. A path that was led from LOVE for self not hatred. I did my yoga teachers course and fell in love with the practise. It was a big part in saving my life. I got NLP therapy to find the “root cause” of my actions that almost resulted in death. This gave me such amazing results by changing my mindset and healing my past trauma/thoughts that I decided to get qualified also. This led me to the path that I am now on. Helping women and men heal ALL aspects of their health and wellbeing. 

A lot of your work is around helping women with body image, acceptance around relationships with their food etc… what is the most important piece of advice you share with women around these topics… 

Mandy: Make every action, thought and belief come from a place of love. Simple. 

Question yourself and be honest with yourself. Call your own “bullshit“. Also you are not alone!!! Talk to your friends, people you trust and you will find that many others are going through the same or similar situations. Vulnerability allows others to heal and be open and vulnerable too. If you need help ask for it. Life is for living and loving, not hating yourself. 

You use a lot natural alternative methods as tools to heal… can you explain a little further in detail about which methods are involved? 

Mandy: ​I use a combination of yoga (movement), breathing and meditation to guide others to connect to self, to connect to their bodies and spirits and to disconnect from their minds. We are not our bodies, but our bodies are our home this lifetime so we must respect it. Treat it with the respect it gives us daily by eating high vibration foods, moving and resting. We are not our mind or thoughts but our thoughts do create our reality. So through NLP therapy and my Intuitive Guidance Coaching I guide others to remove unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and habits that are not serving them and teach them how to control their mind rather then their mind controlling them. 

We can rewire our brain to think in a more positive manner to support our self image and life. 

mind-body balance

Can you explain a little further in depth about what NLP actually is and its benefits? 

Mandy: NLP therapy stands for Neuro-Linguistics Programming. So reprogramming the mind. Between the ages of 1-7 our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us are created. They are “programmed into our minds”. Some of these may not be helpful and can impact our health and happiness for our whole lives unless we become aware of it and heal it. 

e.g many of us have a belief that “we are not good enough”. If this is floating around for your whole life imagine the impact it would have on ALL areas of your life and happiness. 

On the flip side imagine if you can heal that belief… how would that affect all areas of your life? if you truely believed “you are good enough”.

So what I do is use a mixture of modalities such as timeline therapy, inner child healing, cutting of the cords to heal your past, clear past trauma stored in your subconscious mind and therefore in your body too and create new beliefs that support you now and in the future. It is so empowering. It has honestly changed my whole life and allows me to guide others to that same place of empowerment and freedom too. 

And sound activation… you use this in your healing sessions also, what happens throughout a sound activation session? 

Mandy: My healer and good friend Antonia has played a massive part in my healing journey too. She uses sound healing to also clear trauma from your timeline that is stored in the cells in your physical body. Cells respond to sounds. So the sounds she channels go deep into each individual cell and for each person the experience is different depending on what they need. It is an out of this world experience. I am so excited to have her here to help facilitate our feature retreat “A Journey Home” as she truely has played a huge part in guiding me “home”.

What is the one piece of advice that you have heard overtimeman that has really stuck with you? 

All of the answers that you are searching for, all that you are seeking is inside of you. You just need to close your eyes, breath, turn inwards and listen. 

A woman/man who TRUSTS THEMSELVES is truely unstoppable. This is TRUTH!!!

What has it been like to be part of the Talalla Wellness team here at Talalla, would you mind sharing a few highlights with us?​

Mandy: My highlights are meeting so many amazing humans weekly and being able to positively impact their lives in either a small or huge way, to be in such a supportive, uplifting and loving environment with the other retreat facilitators, learning form others, expanding my gifts, being able to work on my own growth and wellness here as well joining classes, workshops and eat super healthy and last but not least the amazing culture, the nature anddddd the surf!!! 

Talalla has a strong philosophy of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle and totally supports everyone including the staff to do the same! I feel very blessed to be part of such an amazing team!

Join Mandy on one of her upcoming Featured Retreats here at Talalla Wellness:

“Womens Self-love & Empowerment Retreat” May 3rd – 9th 2020

“A Journey Home” with Antonia Pizzata May 17th – 23rd 2020

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