A Wild Wisdom Experience


A Unique One-of-a-Kind Heart Expansion Retreat,

facilitated by 2 internationally acclaimed spiritual teachers & healers.

This retreat presents an invitation to weave design for your soul’s unfolding. It bringing together the various colours and textures of our past, present and potential futures to reveal patterns, meaning, awareness and alignment.

Through playful inquiry we will engage our inner child. Moreover, we will delight all of our natural senses to discover sacred pathways ~ transforming our shadows into the light, and releasing what holds us back.

Connect with and harness your authentic Spiritual and Animal Instinctive intelligence for making important life changes. Through a deep sensory immersion into nature, we will balance our inner and outer landscapes, and cultivate the powers of stillness, connection and love.

Through the eye of the needle, we will Re~member our Inner Unity and Sovereign Consciousness. Furthermore, we will bridge that beauty into our outer world.


Soul Weaving


“SOUL WEAVING RETREAT” with Teya & Calista

2021 – Dates TBC  – Talalla Yoga, Sri Lanka

“Teya is an extraordinary empath and psychic. I have never come across anyone quite like her. She not only gives a detailed reading but has the power to explore things at a unique emotional depth. I am so thankful to have met Teya on my Life journey. She is someone I trusted instantly. After we met in HK I had 2 follow up sessions on skype that were as meaningful and powerful as on sight. Visions, healing, body sensations… In a nutshell, she helped me understand my wounds, and connect to my Higher-Self. I experience more peace, self-confidence, self-compassion ( before it was only toward others lol), increased energy and resources, intuition and will definitely follow my inner journey with her! Much love and gratitude Teya!” – Anne

“A session with Calista is always a humble and fruitful one. She is a very good and honest person with a kind heart. If you ever had a Cali session or class, you know she puts 100 percent of her heart and attention into it. The passion and love towards life – is more than just a normal session you find outside. You get more than you can expect , and it’s from inside of your own heart. What I love about Cali the most is that she enables you to be who you are. To be yourself, to understand the universe, to access your own divinity and heart. Cali has given me many life-changing experiences and I hope it’s a time for you too.” – Nikita


  • Deep belly humour & the Medicine of Joy
  • Basics of Shamanism:

↔ The 3 worlds – Under, Middle and Upper

↔ Shamanic Journeying

↔ Power Animal retrievals

↔ Soul Retrieval

  • Inner Child Dialogue & Healing
  • Animal & Nature Communication
  • Elemental Awakening:

↔ Journeying through the 5 Elements

  • Honouring the ancestors of the land, Vibrational medicine making & healing water ceremony
  • Psychic Channelling, Light Body Activations & Body Talk
  • The Akashic Records:

↔ Bridging and going beyond Time & Space

  • Wild Wisdom Ecstatic Dance:

↔ Accessing altered states of consciousness through 5 Rhythms Dance & groovy movement meditations

  • Ancestral / Generational Work
  • Cellular & DNA Clearing
  • Takeaway ~ Birthing your own unique Medicine Mandala
  • Yoga

    Please note: These are the intended core aspects of the Teachings. While the basic structures are offered to create a wholesome container of healing and growth ~ we will also be following the evolving needs of the group and adjusting the schedule appropriately.



DAY 1 : Check in
Check into retreat by 2pm.
Introduction, Talking Stick & fire circle in the evening.

DAY 2 : Teachings
Morning Practice & Soul Defrag
Doorways to Shamanism
Shamanic Journeying + Techniques
Body Talk & Emotional Release
Wild Wisdom Ecstatic Dance session

DAY 3 : Teachings
Morning Practice
Doorways to Shamanism ~ Going Deeper
Nature & Animal Communication
Integration Time ~ rest, read, art, write, wander swim etc

DAY 4 : Teachings + SAFARI field trip
Sunrise Safari @ Udawalawe National Park     (5am start)
Integration & Rest Time
Upper world healing journey into the Akashic Realms to gather wisdom from The Collective Oversoul of the Animal Kingdom

Going higher ~ Harvesting the Medicine of your magical & creative Inner Child
Fun & creative improvised activities informed by the needs of the group in the Now

DAY 6 : Teachings + TEMPLE VISIT
Gentle morning practice
Temple visit
Ancestral Healing
Relationship Re-patterning, Conflict Resolution
Integrative Movement Meditation for Soul Retrieval & Forgiveness
Closing Ceremony & Celebration

Morning Practice
Composting our past & Lovingly cutting the ties that bind
Harvest: bridging our inner journeys into our outer worlds
Check out by 12pm.



  • 6 x nights accommodation at the beautiful Talalla Retreat – see room options here
  • 3 x healthy delicious meals daily, plus tea & coffee at breakfast and 1 x additional non-alcoholic beverage per day
  • All workshops, teachings, and classes facilitated by Teya and Calista – see above
  • All excursion costs – Safari and Temple
  • Complimentary welcome bag on arrival

PRICES are in $ USD per person


(Ground or First Floor)


(Ground Floor with AC)

Single // TwinSingle // TwinSingle // Twin
Price Per Person$2,300 // $2,100$2,500 // $2,300$2,800 // $2,500



  • International flights, visas, and travel insurance
  • Airport transfers – we can arrange on your behalf at additional costs
  • Alcoholic Beverages and Barista Coffee at Hotel (Breakfast Tea & Local Coffee Included)
  • Additional Spa Therapies 

For booking enquiries email [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you here at Talalla, Namaste x

Soul Weavingsea view villaSoul WeavingSoul WeavingSoul Weaving



  • Cancellation with Greater than 2 Months Notice – Full Refund of Deposit, No Further Payment Required
  • Cancellation with 2 Months to 4 Weeks Notice – Loss of Deposit  (transferable to a future program, subject to availability)
  • Cancellation with Less than 4 Weeks Notice – 100% of Total Package Cost Required (transferable to a future program, subject to availability)


Soul Weaving


Calista is an international Akashic Records consultant, teacher and healer. Born into a maternal lineage of medicine women, psychics and intuitive. Calista was raised from a young age to respect the Ancients, work with natural energy grids and to embody integrity in life.

Calista was called to service after several near-death experiences during her late teens through the 20s. Since then, she is continuously initiated into her Medicine Path through multiple real-death experiences. However, each time, returning from the “Other Side” to share deeper Wisdom, fuller Love and expanded Joy to everyone she is blessed and honored to meet.

Having studied with esteemed Tibetan Masters in the Himalayas, Plant Medicine, a dying pigeon, her Navajo and Mayan ancestors, Nature and the Elementals, Calista’s methods include a mix of psychotherapy, Akashic Records consultations, shamanic techniques, crystal healing, sound activations, vibrational medicine, food and nutrition, ecstatic dance, breathwork and more.

She believes Love is the wildest Medicine and shares herself fully in that sense. Moreover, as an artist, dancer, writer and designer at heart, Calista is also legally trained, a psychotherapist and serial entrepreneur.

She is currently in training with maestros in the use and wisdom of Master Plants.


Soul Weaving


Born in Southern Africa, Teya is a natural clairvoyant medium, channel & psychic healer. Raised within a spiritually diverse & rich culture, she has had a deep & intimate relationship with the natural & spirit world since her earliest memory. She has trained and worked professionally, both regionally and internationally in the fields of Shamanism, holistic health and psychic development for over 25 years.

Having overcome many deep personal crises and challenges in her own life, she is able to bring a unique depth of understanding. Moreover, her heart connection to those facing any kind of difficulty or powerful transition. She has lived and trained extensively with traditional medicine men and women from around the world.

Teya is a qualified professional in a range of healing modalities. It is including Advanced Colour Light Therapy (acupuncture without needles),  Advanced Shamanic practitioner in affiliation with Northern Drum Shamanic Center, Aura-Soma, Reiki, Bereavement and Relationship counseling & Therapeutic massage.

She also gained her qualification as a licensed 5 Rhythms® dance & movement teacher/facilitator with Gabrielle Roth and the Moving Center School, NYC in 2008. And she is currently in an ongoing apprenticeship at The School of Movement Medicine®, UK.