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Employees of the month Talalla Retreat

Talalla Retreat Employees of the Month: March – June 2018

By Phillip Krynski

Every month we celebrate hard-working individuals at Talalla Retreat who have stood out as a shining example. We love all of our staff equally, but acknowledge one per month to show our appreciation for their dedication in making Talalla Retreat the most beautiful resort in Sri Lanka. It is the love and care that these fine people contribute which makes a stay in our slice of paradise so memorable, and keeps you coming back.

MARCH – Sumith (office)

Sumith is our superstar office magician who can solve any problem at the wave of his wand. No ask is too tall for him, and his work is always carried out with a big old grin. Here’s a couple of things you probably didn’t know about Sumith:

What’s your favourite song?

Dilidune daruwane mage. This means ‘My Poor Children’ in Sinhalese.

Do you have any skills that would surprise people?

I used to play guitar in a band called ‘The Shine’. We played concerts, parties and weddings across Sri Lanka.

What do you love most about working at Talalla?

I love making sure our guests have the most enjoyable holiday experience possible.

APRIL – Amaradasa (Security)

Our April employee of the month is a master of defending Talalla Retreat against cheeky monkeys. No monkey would dare stand up to the might of  Amaradasa. Here’s a little more about our heroic security guard:

What’s your favourite action movie?

Planet of the Apes.

If you had a pet monkey, what would you call him?

Caesar obviously.

What do you love most about being a security guard at Talalla?

Putting smiles on the faces of new guests who arrive at Talalla.

MAY – Ramesh (Garden)

Have you ever wondered how Talalla Retreat keeps its grounds so lush and neat? We have a talented team of gardeners who effortlessly whack weeds and passionately plant seeds. Ramesh has been an outstanding garden gnome this May and we’d like to tell you a little more about him:

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

I would be an elephant because I would be the boss of the jungle.

Do you have a favourite type of tree, flower, plant?

I love the Lotus Flower. This is an important symbol for the worship of Buddha. A lotus flower grows from the mud and becomes a beautiful flower high above the mud. This is a metaphor for the wonderful possibilities we all have in our lives.

What do you love most about being a gardener at Talalla?

Planting new flowers and supplying water to see the flora grow beautifully for Talalla Retreat guests.

JUNE – Shiron (Restaurant)

Who’s that friendly fella who serves you deliciously refreshing coconut waters? Who’s the smiley Sri Lankan who places fish tacos in front of your ravenous belly? Who’s the happy hero who caters to your coffee needs after a morning Vinyasa class? Shiron of course! Here’s a little more about your friendly neighbourhood waiter:

What is your favourite dish to eat?

Dhal curry with coconut sambol and a little bit of rice. Maybe some onion sambol too.

What is one food you can’t stand?

Bread with butter and jam.

What do you love most about being a waiter at Talalla?

Chatting with guests about their lives and also teaching them about Sri Lankan foods & culture.


Congratulations to all of our wonderful staff members featured above. If you would like to meet them and are ready for your next incredible tropical holiday, Talalla Retreat is waiting for you. We have amazing discounts leading up to the high season in 2018 if you book through our website.

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If you have any friends who may be interested, please share this page with them and convince them to come along with you for the adventure!

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