Donation based Talalla Yoga & Wellness Zoom Classes

Here at Talalla Yoga and Talalla Wellness, we still want to share our retreat goodness with you all by offering our classes online via Zoom! These classes are all donation based, as just like our recent Instagram Live Retreats, for us it’s more about sharing our services and offerings to provide you support through the current isolation and travel ban period.

So what’s on offer?

Join our Talalla Yoga Manager Tye Fielding for her online Vinyasa Flow classes – where each week she will journey you through different themes and sequences, fusing movement, meditation and breathwork to support your practice.

Jump onto our Talalla Yoga Instagram to connect with Tye, or email us at [email protected] for more information.

About Tye:

Tye – Senior Yoga Teacher and Manager

Tye is a curious student of life. Always eager to learn and understand beyond the curtain of physical experience. Through this curiosity and devotion to yoga, Tye has had the great fortune to learn from many incredible teachers and gurus allowing her to hone her craft and deepen her respect, interest and experience of yoga and energetic healing. Tye is a certified E-RYT 500hr Yoga Teacher and Trainer with a deep love for traditional and modern experimental forms of yoga.

Captivated by Eastern philosophy and the intelligence of energetics, Tye is a skilled practitioner with qualifications as a Certified Reiki Master; Energetic Healer / Educator and Massage Therapist. Tyes’ asana yoga classes incorporate a free flowing vinyasa inspired by the pulsation of breath and embodied mudras.

Tye is a warm and generous practitioner who loves to share her extensive knowledge of yoga, yin, meditation, pranayama and self healing modalities with others.

You can also join our Talalla Wellness facilitator Mandy Francisty for online Meditation and Pilates classes.

These will be 50 minute classes suitable for all levels as modifications & progressions will be offered. ⁣The focus of the classes will shift through the full body to strengthen & tone.⁣ A 5 minute meditation will start each class to clear & relax the mind as well as connect to your body & breath. In this state you can get the most out of every movement throughout class. ⁣

Follow Talalla Wellness Instagram or connect via email to join: [email protected]

About Mandy: Mandy grew up in country Tasmania where she has developed her strong connection and love of nature. Growing up Mandy, like many women, had low self confidence and poor body image. After University she was propelled to compete in female body sculpting. At the time she didn’t realise that this was just an excuse and a way for her to change her body that she thought “wasn’t good enough”. This led her to change her career to personal training and nutrition guidance. A near death experience and total burn out (not treating her body, mind and soul with the love it deserves) led Mandy to her own path of personal and spiritual discovery and healing. She now uses her skills and knowledge to guide other women to come back to a place of self love and inner peace through personalised coaching, workshops and retreats. Find her in Talalla in the water practising her surfing or simply enjoying nature, teaching yoga and pilates, laughing a lot and writing her book!

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