March 17, 2014 | Sri Lanka

The Rev. K. Upali watches with pleasure as his giant Buddha is built. In the background, the legs of the monument can be seen – each placed by hand, a labour of love.

A lifetime achievement for the Rev, he has watched over this historic vihara (Buddhist temple) for decades and painstakingly planned the monument.

Inside the smaller temple, frescoes date back hundreds of years – perhaps even to the Kandyan period. Narrowly missed by the tsunami, the colours are still bright, the statues still stand as strong as the faith of the monks who practice here.

The Rev. K. Upali welcomes visitors to his vihara and will take you lovingly through the ancient grounds. He speaks flawless English, an awe-inspiring source of information about this gentle faith. Whether his saffron robes, or his loving aura, he truly glows.

The Ancient Temple of Gandara is the neighbor of Talalla Retreat.

Image courtesy of D. Jones Photography and may not be reproduced without permission.

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