Join our Photography, Surf & Yoga Retreat With International Surf Photographer Cait Miers and Andy of “No Shoes No Worries”

“We just wanted something that spoke to people who have a love for surfing, yoga, a sense of creativity whether it be in writing, photography, videography, blogging, vlogging, or a combination of all the above.” – Andy Kovsvun of No Shoes No Worries

So, Why Are We Doing This?

After meeting with the divine Andy of popular Travel blog “No Shoes No Worries” after her last trip to Sri Lanka, we got to talking and we both agreed she had to return to this tropic island for some curry, downward facing dogs and peeling left handers.

What’s more, we’re also bringing along a friend… you may have heard of her, her name is Cait Miers, a.k.a women’s surf photographer extraordinaire.

Cait Miers – International Surf Photographer

Together, Cait and Andy have outlined a “Creative Flow” retreat that will encompass the many aspects of our lifestyles that have lead to where we are today: Finding your creative flow, your intuitive flow. Trusting in yourself and your abilities, and having the guts to take that leap of faith into following your dream job. Oh, and all the technical stuff too, like how to market yourself and actually do your dream job, once you’ve decided to follow it.

And What Is The Creative Flow Retreat, Exactly?

Think of it as a combination of the No Shoes No Worries lifestyle, Cait’s photography aesthetic and style, and a combination of what we’ve both learnt as creatives. Which means if you’re reading this, it’s definitely for you. It takes a special kind of person to want to do all of these things, and that’s how we now we’re attracting the right tribe.

Andy aka. No Shoes No Worries

About Cait & Andy:

“Cait and I have been living the creative freelancer life for a couple of years now. Cait as a surf and lifestyle photographer, and myself as a freelance writer, yoga teacher, model, and the creative director of No Shoes No Worries. We feel very grateful in being able to do what we love. To us, it never feels like work. No matter the time and effort that we put into our own businesses and projects, we know its worth the dedication. The value a balanced life of creativity, freedom, financial independence and travel brings makes the risk of choosing a more flexible lifestyle, rather then the ol’ desk-bound 9-5, that much more appealing.” – Andy

You will learn technical things like:

  • Marketing ourselves through social media
  • Knowing how to contact the right person to pitch ideas
  • Creating proposals for brands & understanding how to work with a brief.
  • Having the confidence to network and build a digital portfolio that helps us grow our client base.

& even the more personal, in depth things like :

  • Developing your own style and staying in your lane (no comparison-itis allowed here!)
  • How to find balance in your day to day (through yoga and surfing of course!)
  • Nurturing yourself, your confidence and knowing your self-worth.
  • Learning to trust in your creative intuition.

To sum it up, if you’re a passionate photographer, or are keen to understand the basics of surf photography and composition, Cait will be your girl.

Andy will be participating in a couple of workshops, but also doing everything yoga, stretching, and most importantly surf specific flows to help you remain calm and confident in the ocean.


25th August-31st August

  • Your choice of Accommodation at the luxurious Talalla Retreat
  • 5 x Morning Vinyasa Classes – with Andy
  • 2 x Surf Sessions and post-surf restorative Yoga 
  • 2 x Restorative Yoga classes – with Andy
  • 2 x Guided Meditations
  • 3 x Workshops with Cait and Andy
  • Feature Workshop with Cait and Andy @ Verse Collective
  • Sri Lankan Cooking Class + Recipes
  • 1 x 60min Full Body Massage
  • Complimentary Gift bag and Tank
  • We Care Donation Day (spend time with the local vets and animals who are being saved in Sri Lanka)

Get more details on pricing and accomodation at talallaretreat.com/featured/creative-flow.

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