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Talalla Retreat: A Place In Paradise

I had a chance to spend a few days at Talalla Retreat while traveling around my favourite country of Sri Lanka. It was such an inspiring visit and turned out that Talalla is more than a place to relax… Talalla retreat is located in the seaside village of Talalla. It is a beautiful resort with many different kinds of yoga shalas in their huge yard. They also have a swimming pool which is nice because Sri Lankan weather can get…

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Find Your Zen At Talalla Retreat This June

Talalla Retreat is an extremely special tucked away resort destination that is beautiful year-round. The monsoon season hasn’t dampened the bliss that can be achieved amongst the coconut trees and relaxing beach walks. We have just finished our first month of successful movie nights which run every Monday 7:45 pm in the pool shala. Our wonderful team of construction workers have completed the new reception area and our new restaurant bar is a stone’s throw away from serving drinks. We…

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Yoga is an ancient tradition that originated in India long ago. The reason why it has managed to survive until now is because its legacy was kept along with much of the wisdom of the ancient east that initially was passed on by oral tradition until it made it into a written form in what we call today sacred scriptures. The Sages of those times passed on their knowledge from their own experience for others to follow. People then adopted…

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Top 5 Reasons Why Taking a Yoga Retreat is Important

Yoga retreats are a fantastic option when you’re looking to take a holiday. Whether you love yoga or are new to it, resorts such as Talalla Retreat deliver yoga retreats that have a lot to offer. Yoga retreats are extremely relaxing and you have the opportunity to really let go and rejuvenate.  Through these experiences you will often get to understand the local area through the eyes of knowledgeable people that work at the retreat. It is an easy kind…

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Relax and Unwind at Talalla Retreat This May

The beaches have gone quiet this May as we close out the busy period of the year. They call this the low season, but really it should be called the ‘relaxing season’. Now is the perfect time to come over to Talalla Retreat for a recharging getaway. The beaches are empty, but they are just as beautiful and the sun is still shining. Our room rate drop is still active until the 31st of July so have a gander at…

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Talalla Surf Camp: A Rookie’s Journey To Stokedness

April 24, 2018 | Resort, Sri Lanka, Surfing, Yoga

By Phillip Krynski This is a story all about how my surfing got flipped turned upside down. No, this isn’t a tale about how I became prince of an affluent Los Angeles neighbourhood. If you’ve never watched ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’, not much will be making sense so far. This is a journey of a surfer who once upon a time was terrified of sharks, but with the help of Talalla Surf Camp has become a fully-stoked surfer.…

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Treat Yourself To An Active Holiday at Talalla Retreat This April

What’s new at Talalla Retreat? It’s low season and our room rates have dropped significantly until the 31st of July. If you’re seeking an active holiday, we still have limited spaces available on our yoga, wellness and surf retreats for the next few months. Perhaps you’re passing through and would like to join a drop-in class? Try a yoga, boxilates or pilates class followed by a tasty meal by our pool. For pure relaxation, our ayurvedic massages and other spa…

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Where Do All Of The Unwell Sri Lankan Street Dogs Go?

March 23, 2018 | meditation, Resort, Sri Lanka, Wellness, Yoga

By Phillip Krynski The pale-blue iron gates fling open and my gaze pans across a sea of puppy dog eyes. The chorus of barking is instantaneous and bellowing. Hundreds of dogs come bounding over to see who the new visitors are. Luxembourgish dog trainer Aimee Frieden and I stand our ground whilst wondering how so many dogs in one place get along and whether in the excitement, they would attack humans. If they do attack, will every dog in the…

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The Best Elephant Safari Adventure In Sri Lanka

March 16, 2018 | meditation, Resort, Sri Lanka, Wellness, Yoga

By Phillip Krynski Fiery beams of sunlight seep through the morning haze, painting a mystical silhouette of the distant mountains. As our van nears Udawalawe National Park, the group gradually rises from a brief nap to witness the eye-capturing scenery. The 119 sq miles in the south of Sri Lanka is an important sanctuary for wild animals displaced by the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir on the Walawe River. Our van arrives at the gate where our 9-person Talalla Wellness…

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Not your Typical Wellness Retreat

This post originally appeared on The Travel Project on 19 February 2018 Sri Lanka has been the talk of the town lately. With deep rainforests, stunning stretches of white beaches, vast plains, and ancient temples from its buddhist history, it is the perfect place to find balance and focus. It still remains relatively undiscovered; drawing those who really want to connect with the authenticity of a place, rather than the shoestring guide version. Our favourite wellness retreat was designed by…

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