June 4, 2018 | Wellness

Beetroot Curry

They say we eat with our eyes right? The humble yet vibrant beetroot’s deep pink colour makes this curry a standout at the dinner table. Beets are rich in fibre, vitamin C and also a unique source of betaine (a nutrient that helps protects cells, proteins, and enzymes from environmental stress). and retaining that unique beetroot flavour, this curry makes a stunning addition to a selection of curries.  This bright and colourful recipe is packed with plenty of flavour and it’s low in calories too.

Here’s what you need for this delightful dish:

• 200g shredded raw beetroot (yes, no need to pre cook it!)
• 50g fresh tomato (chopped/sliced)
• 50g red onion chopped fine
• 1t garlic (minced/chopped)
• 1t cinnamon
• ½t raw curry powder
• 1/4t black pepper

• 2 pieces cardamom
• 4 pieces curry leaves
• 2 inches (one piece) pandan leaf
• 2T coconut oil
• 1/4t sea salt
• 2 cups light coconut milk
• 3 cups thick coconut milk / cream

Saute coconut oil, garlic, onion and spices, curry leaves and pandan leaf.
When golden brown, add tomato, toss and take off heat, then mix through fresh beetroot and cook, stirring for 5 minutes on low.

Add 2 cups of light coconut milk and cook on low until tender (about 12
minutes), then add salt and pepper to taste as well as thick coconut milk, then mix well and serve.

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