May 4, 2016 | Did You Know?

April at Talalla Retreat

We are very happy to welcome our new resident yoga teachers! Sally, Jess and her son Gill. They fit right in with the team at Talalla and the feedback from the Yoga guests has been amazing!

They have run their first 2 yoga retreats very successfully and all the participants had a lot of fun during the outings organized:

– Visiting to the beautiful rock temple
– The high tea in the old Galle Fort
– Closing dinner at Jasper house and the coconut beach ceremony.
We currently run two Yoga retreats twice a month at Talalla! As well as two yoga classes everyday of the year that are available for anyone, no matter your yoga skills! Our amazing instructors will ensure you get the most out of it and you will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and with some new skills and unforgettable memories to show off!
Our Surf & Yoga program as been a big hit this month with 80% of our Surf camp guests signing up! We highly recommend that option!
The Yoga classes are specifically designed for surfing so that you can feel at your best form before your next session in the water!
Check them out showing off there new skills!
The weather as been lovely this month and our guests are enjoying hanging by the pool sipping coconuts or our special cocktail menu.
As always we can never be disappointed with the incredible sunrises and sunsets on the South coast of Sri Lanka.
We are also blessed with very little light pollution at Talalla retreat, this gives us incredible sight of the stars during clear moonless nights!

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