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The Annual Cricket Tournament at Talalla Retreat 2018

October 17, 2018 | cricket, Resort, Sri Lanka, travel, Wellness, Yoga

The Annual Cricket Tournament at Talalla Retreat 2018

The staff of Talalla Retreat and Jasper House have been excitedly preparing all year for the annual cricket tournament. Enthusiastic whispers have been heard throughout the restaurant, grounds and housekeeping rooms and we finally have the results of the Sri Lankan beach resort bash.

The day started off awash when a tropical storm decided to halt the first match for a short stint. Players took to the bleachers to practice their close quarter skills until the sun came out shining once more. It turns out that this was no beach vacation for Talalla Retreat’s accounting department.

Talalla Retreat is not only home to one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka, but it also has the number one accounting cricket squad on the majestic island. The aptly named ‘Calculators’ crunched the Jasper House crew in the final match to claim the coveted trophy.

Talalla retreat's winning team 'The Calculators'

The winning squad ‘THE CALCULATORS’


Best Bowler: Tharanga (Welcome Wonders)

Best Batsman: Dilipa (The Calculators)

Best Performer: Suranga (Jasper House)

The fun is over for this year, so it’s time to start practising for 2019’s match. If you want to meet this year’s winners, or perhaps just have a tropical vacation on one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful beaches, then now is the perfect time to book a room at Talalla Retreat. We still have limited room deals until the end of October!

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