Host your Retreat or Event at Talalla

Do you wish to run Private Yoga or Wellness Retreats, Teacher Trainings or Workshops?

Talalla Retreat offers the perfect setting to conduct a retreat, training or conference. The Yoga Shala is large and can accommodate up to 45 participants, it is an open sided studio, with a large wall along the back, ideal where wall space is needed. The studio is set in an open grassed coconut grove opposite the large swimming pool.

We offer a smaller yoga shala which is perfect for private groups and an open beachfront shala available for sunrise yoga or meditation. There is no charge for using the Talalla Yoga Shalas. It is included as part of your groups package. We provide speakers and projectors, as well as all props including mats, blankets, blocks and bolsters.

If you would like to utilize our studio and host your group at Talalla, please email us at [email protected] and we will endeavour to meet your personalized requirements.


Special Group Rates

We can offer 20% discount if you book between April 1st and November 30th. The discount does NOT apply for Peak Rates.

To avail of great group rates you must book a minimum of 10 persons. If the group organizer books 10 rooms or more, we offer FREE Accommodation and Board for one teacher.


The beautifully maintained grounds and tropical gardens at Talalla are the perfect place for the celebration of a marriage or unions of two hearts in a traditional Poruwa wedding ceremony.

A Poruwa ceremony is a traditional Sri Lankan wedding ceremony with Buddhist influences. The ceremony takes place on a “Poruwa”, a beautifully decorated, traditional wooden platform and involves a series of rituals performed by the bride and groom, and their families. Often the Poruwa is decorated with lotus blossoms which in Buddhist philosophy represent faithfulness.

At a Poruwa Wedding Ceremony, the bride and groom will exit their bungalow, followed by a procession of Kandyian traditional dancers and drummers. They will then be led to the special marriage platform called the Poruwa, with the blowing of the conch shell.

Next, the exchange vows and also betel leaves 7 times in a tradition that means the bond unity and love will last 7 generations. The marriage is symbolized by tying the index fingers of the couple with a golden chain. Water is then poured on it by the master of ceremonies from an ornate silver jug whilst chanting blessings from God.

After the couple exchange rings they feed each other with milk, rice and water, a symbolic pledge to take care of each other for life.

To celebrate the marriage, young Sri Lanka girls dressed in traditional saree will sing wedding songs. After this is completed the newlywed couple will step down out of the special marriage Poruwa with the chanting and beating of drums.

Traditionally as the couple steps down a coconut is broken to bless them with children. The couple will light a traditional oil lamp to symbolize light, health and success, before taking a ceremonial walk along the beach, symbolizing their journey together for life.

We’d love to host your wedding, and can make great group rates available if you wish your family and friends to join you. Contact [email protected] for more details.


At Talalla theres more than meets the eye in our tranquil slice of paradise. Book into one of our beautiful packages for a unique Sri Lankan experience


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Boat Tours

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