A Sri Lankan Picnic

March 17, 2014 | Did You Know?

High in the tea-stained hills of Haputale, a delicacy awaits.

First, the painstaking preparation. The vegetable curry is first delicately spiced then cooled. At the same time, roti dough is pounded and cooked. It sits waiting for its delicious inheritance. A boiled egg is peeled and the stage is set.

The curry is spooned into the roti and the egg placed in the centre. It is lovingly wrapped, like a tiny present, and all openings are sealed. Finally, it is dropped into boiling oil, and cooked for a few seconds before your eyes.

Then, magic. One bite and you’re hooked. The juicy curry, the gentle heat, the crunch of fried roti.

This delicious samosa was created at Risara Bakers in Haputale, renowned for its delicious creations. It’s the mecca of the plantation workers, who head there after work for a quick snack. Stopped by the side of the road, a fresh samosa is a thing of beauty, and surrounded by the verdant green legacy of Sir Thomas Lipton, is the ultimate Sri Lankan picnic.

Haputale is approximately 3 hours north of Talalla and worth the effort for the samosa alone.

Image courtesy of D.Jones Photography and may not be reproduced without permission.





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