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Talalla Retreat: A Place In Paradise

I had a chance to spend a few days at Talalla Retreat while traveling around my favourite country of Sri Lanka. It was such an inspiring visit and turned out that Talalla is more than a place to relax…

Talalla retreat is located in the seaside village of Talalla. It is a beautiful resort with many different kinds of yoga shalas in their huge yard. They also have a swimming pool which is nice because Sri Lankan weather can get quite hot. The retreat is located by the sea, so there’s something for everyone – the pool lovers & the ones who need their dose of vitamin sea. I  prefer swimming in the ocean with such warm water and silky waves – it’s a luxury for us Finnish people.
There are so many different kinds of yoga classes at Talalla: Yin, Flow, Hatha, etc. They also have sound healing, special events & workshops which you can find on their website or Facebook page.
I am a yoga teacher myself, and I find it so inspiring to take other yoga teachers’ classes and I try to do that every now and then. In Talalla there are many daily yoga classes & workshops. I took classes with Melanie Woods and Evy Ferraro to name few. Both of them have years of experience in teaching yoga – and it really shows in their classes.

I really loved the gentle yin evening class with Melanie – I slept so well after the sweet and relaxing class.  I also took Evy Ferraro’s sweaty morning flow to wake up my body.. a perfect kick-start for early birds like myself! I also took her alignment workshop – let me tell you this lady is a powerhouse! 🙂 She has great knowledge of anatomy and I found new ways to look at my practice. Also, new doors opened for me with the basic asanas. I think it is really important to explore the “basic asanas” every now and then to keep your beginners mind: it’s easy to rush through the basic poses of sun salutation and think that they are easy and boring – such as downward facing dog, cobra or upward facing dog – but they are actually nothing but that. You can always find new aspects of these poses if you keep your mind open. After all, in my opinion, yoga is about staying curious for the journey – not about who does the fanciest pose.

After taking a yoga class, I highly recommend you to try Talalla’s spa and take some treatments there. They have many different kinds of treatments for the visitors to try, just remember to book your visit early to make sure they have free times – especially if you visit Talalla in the busy high season.
The Talalla kitchen is something spectacular: nutritionally balanced food is super delicious and it’s served three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can definitely find Sri Lankan influence in the menu but they also have a versatile menu of different kinds of smoothies and juices.
I think Talalla is not only a place to relax your mind and body, but a place to meet like-minded people, too. They organise yoga retreats & surfing camps and all those people blend well together in the resort area. During my visit I made new friends who had come there actually to surf – and I was there obviously for yoga. But what unites everyone in Talalla is the urge to travel and live healthily.
I will definitely go back to Talalla again, to spoil myself a little & breathe in the fresh ocean air. Maybe I will see you around…
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Anna-Mari Pentikäinen visited Talalla Retreat in February 2018.
She is a guest blogger for Talalla Retreat. She is currently the editor of yoga & wellness website Yogobe.com. Anna-Mari is also a yoga teacher in Finland.
Their social accounts can be found at;
Instagram: @yogobe
Facebook: Yogobe

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