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August 24, 2018 | cooking, Sri Lanka, Wellness

A culinary experience with Talalla Wellness

culinary classes at Talalla Retreat

At Talalla Retreat, we believe that the most enriching and memorable holidays are those that are rooted to authentic and local experiences; experiences which make our guests feel like they become part of a place.

Sri Lanka is a melting pot of cuisines in which food plays a vital role to express the islands cultural identity. Cooking is a labor of love in Sri Lanka, as many dishes are intimate and time consuming. Every week at Talalla we hold a cooking class for our wellness guests. The class is run by Talalla’s executive chef, Roshan, who teaches students his kitchen secrets, tips and local recipes.

Here’s a snapshot of our cooking class with our wellness guests, who can now take the taste of Sri Lanka back home.

culinary classes experienceculinary classes experienceculinary classes at Sri LankaSri Lankan styled culinary classesculinary classes

You can also take Talalla’s beetroot curry, chicken curry and coconut sambol recipes from our blog.

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