2019 Highlights from Talalla Yoga

2019 Highlights from Talalla Yoga & Talalla Wellness

We can’t believe 2019 is already coming to an end, does anyone else feel like it was only a few months ago we were putting our 2019 intentions into action! So how was Talalla yoga in 2019?

Wow… all we can say is that it has been an unbelievable year here at Talalla Yoga and Talalla Wellness. So many amazing retreat experiences, an abundance of beautiful guests who have not only learned so much from their time here on retreat but we as facilitators have also learned an incredible amount from our guests.

This year – we were lucky enough to welcome guests from all around the world; England, Dubai, Singapore, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, USA, Russia, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Istanbul, and so many more places!

We were also lucky to share this space with some amazing facilitators from around the world, including the divine Nikki Heyder – on her Nutritional “Mind Body Balance” Retreat – which is also coming back in March 2020! We tapped into our creative minds and explored our skills in Surf Photography and Digital Marketing with the talented Cait Miers on our “Creative Flow” Retreat back in August.

As well as embracing some unique mindfulness and meditation practices with Jules Jenkinson for “Soul Connection” and our girl Ava Irani on our “Immersion Into Meditation” Retreat.

We would like to share a huge thank you to our beautiful retreat guests, hosts and teachers who we were so honored to share this space with throughout the year. So many special memories and even stronger friendships were formed, and we wish you all the best for an exciting 2020.

Below are just a few highlights from the year, and we can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

With love – Tye, Jenna, Rhian and the Talalla Retreat family.


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Photo Gallery of Talalla yoga in 2019


My favorite part about teaching here is the richness of people’s hearts. The yoga and wellness programs create such a supportive framework for people to find space in their lives to notice what matters most to them, but it’s the informal conversations, hearing people’s stories; their humanness, their wisdom, their struggles, that it is the greatest privilege for me.

James “Fish” Gill – Talalla Yoga Teacher

Every day I am so lucky to teach and hold space at this glorious little sanctuary known as Talalla retreat.. I feel so honoured. To share yoga in an environment as stunning as Talalla is so special in itself. The real magic comes from the guests that trust us with their vulnerability, that share their story, their openness and acceptance of the possibility’s yoga can expose.

Tye Fielding – Talalla Yoga Manager

For me, it’s about the incredible people that come from all around the world to join our retreats. We learn so much from our guests, from their different backgrounds, stories and culture. I love that our retreats are an open space for all to join; solo, friends, families, male, female from all ages. I’ve been blessed to make some amazing friends through these retreats, and am constantly learning from the amazing teachers I am honoured to share this space with. 

Rhian Bosco – Talalla Yoga & Wellness Facilitator / Marketing Manager

Talalla yoga in 2019: Beach yoga

Loving this dream team of ours and filled to the brim with joy at what we’ve created here. Every year here expands my gratitude and learning, and that’s purely because of the people that come here – our guests and staff! We are truly blessed, a thousand times thank you! xox

Jenna Kruiskamp – Talalla Yoga & Wellness Manager

Talalla yoga in 2019: Sunrise Yoga

I arrived at Talalla Retreat to teach in this little slice of paradise. From day one it was incredibly supportive, nourishing and held such warmth…when travelling away from home I couldn’t ask for more. Friends like family is the only way to describe the Talalla team. What a heart warming experience that provided an environment for both my personal and professional growth.

Skaya Hedstrom – Talalla Yoga Teacher & 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Marley Thorpe Yoga

Talalla is my second home,
working here has been a dream come true. The staff feel like family and each week we experience beautiful new guests who leave as our friends. Each week we get to share and teach what we love and are deeply passionate about. The yoga program allows guests to dive deeper into themselves, to peel back the layers of everyday life. It’s an honour to be a part of their journey.

Marley Thorpe – Talalla Yoga Teacher

Talalla yoga in 2019

Talalla is not just a beautiful retreat center on a tropical beach, it is a place where you are welcomed into a family, for me, coming here for the first time felt like coming home, the community here creates a supportive and a nurturing space where each individual wants the best for every one else, to me that’s far more important than a beautiful palm tree lined beach with turquoise water and breathtaking shalas, though it doesn’t hurt that we have those too.

Portia Leigh – Talalla Yoga & Surf Teacher


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