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10 reasons for a Wellness Retreat in Sri Lanka

It’s one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Spending a week working on your physical, mental and emotional health isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but throw in the idyllic paradise of Sri Lanka and it’s hard to imagine coming home anything but fitter, happier and healthier. Here are 10 reasons you need to get to Sri Lanka for a wellness retreat, pronto.

  1. Beauty Queen – There’s something about a warm climate, a little sunshine and beauty treatments that leave your skin glowing that’ll make you feel like you’ve hit CTL ALT DEL and started again. Factor in a little personal development, a whole lot of working out and nutritious meals, and people will say you’re looking pretty darn good. Couple that with feeling amazing and you’re basically winning at life.
  2. Surfing – Regardless of whether you’ve never hung 10 or you’re a total pro, Sri Lanka has uncrowded surf spots all year round. You’ll find perfect breaks for beginners right up to more advanced surfers at Hiriketiya in the South, Hikkaduwa in the West and Arugam Bay in the East. Do yourself a solid and hire a professional surf coach and you’ll be up and shredding in no time.
  3. The People – Sri Lanka has been war torn for more than 30 years, and then the 2004 tsunami devastated the country killing more than 30,000 people. Many tourists have avoided this cultural melting pot and island paradise as a result, meaning you’ll get the cultural experience without feeling like you’re in a tourist trap. People here are the happiest, friendliest and most caring humans on the planet. Fact.
  4. Out with Uber, in with Tuk Tuk – Skip the capital of Colombo and you’ll be amazed at how untainted Sri Lanka is. Public transport is super cheap, or hop in a tuk tuk and boot around town like a local. Nothing says adventure + holiday like indulging in Bollywood rap and hooning through the streets of Sri Lanka. Those bad boys can get you pretty much anywhere…
  5. Ayurveda – it’s the home of the Doshas, a centuries old medicinal system primarily derived from ancient ‘Vedic’ philosophy. Therapies focus on the five senses and have been known to help relieve ailments and combat disease, especially for skin and digestive conditions. Visit a reputable clinic you can expect decent care.
  6. Safari like a pro – You don’t need to hit Africa to get your safari on. Expect elephants, buffalo and more at Uda Walawe, or leopards and more at Yala. Island fever is impossible when you can explore Lion’s Rock, Adam’s Peak, or the mountains of Kandy too, so it’s well worth having a good look around.
  7. Life’s a beach – No one can deny lying on a beautiful, CLEAN beach and swimming in clear blue water has serious soul soothing properties. Spot sea turtles while swimming or surfing, and play with puppies on the beach. Cute! BYO a good book,
    sun protection and some hydration and you’re set for a seriously good time.
  8. Tea Totaller – We all love a cuppa. Heading to a tea plantation to check out the process and purchase some bona-fide Sri Lankan tea is one hell of a way to spend an afternoon. If you’re after something with a little more, uh, kick – head to Cape Welligama for a sunset cocktail after checking out Handunugoda Tea Plantation and tick all the beverage boxes. BYO big smile for Instaworthy snaps.
  9. Curries – If you’ve ever tried a Sri Lankan curry you’ll know what we’re talking about. The spices are next level and it is a vegetarian heaven if that’s what you’re into. Don’t forget to order coconut sambal and roti! On our Balance Breaks we run a cooking class with Talalla’s head chef Roshan so we can reap the benefits of his kitchen wisdom, then hit the markets to bring all the spices home with us (mainly so we can linger in Sri Lankan memories, but also so we can impress our mates)! Try this Sri Lankan Chicken Curry for yourself…
  10. Well, well, well – Instead of exploring nightclubs and raging in bars, travellers get back to basics to enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer with one vision – coming home healthier and happier than when you arrived. Balance Breaks offer loads of activities like yoga, boxing, pilates, barre and surfing so guests never get bored… you’ll make lifelong friends and feel better, to boot.

Sound like your cup of (Sri Lankan) tea? Join us:

Fit and Fun Vacation Ideas in Sri Lanka

  • Climb Adam’s Peak
  • Surfing in Weligama
  • Wellness Retreat at Talalla
  • Bike ride through Tea Plantations

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